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“Finally, a book that explains to children in a clear, understandable way what child sexual abuse is...”
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Teen calls police for parents making teen go on vacation.

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Dear International Family Magazine Readers,

As we go into the month of September in the year 2016, our children go back to school. At first I thought, I was going to write a lively, and fun note to my readers about back-to-school shopping, and the scrap book making from summer fun. But those writers and magazines fill the shelves in our bookstores and newsstands with cute ideas for decorating book bags and lockers. International Family Magazine knows parents want both, to keep their childrens’ lives precious, but we also want to protect them from harm. As I was doing my research, I realized that for many families back to school is a part of life that is not fun or even lighthearted. For some families, whether it is the national tragedies in Newton, Connecticut, or the local news of bullying, drugs and sex in their own neighborhood schools the idea of “back to school” days are not as Norman Rockwell as my generation remembers. Yes, when I was a child, the teachers had more rights and authority and some of us got hit with a ruler by a nun, but for the most part, schools and the world was a safer place. I could point to ten socio-cultural trends that have contributed to schools and the world feeling unsafe. I’d rather bring us together as families to talk about the solutions. Please read about the wonderful app WeSaidYes by Maureen Coffey Edri which is a consent app between two young people so neither party feels that he or she heard “yes” or “no”. The app takes the couple through complicated steps to come to a mutual consent together. But I will let you read about that wonderful new app yourself. The app is launched and available! One of my original partners Jill Starishevsky, a prosecuting attorney, wrote a book to help children called “My Body Belongs to Me”. Read about it! Order it! Watch the video! We all want our children safe. Sometimes all it takes is to keep talking and sharing with one another as families that want to connect. With the sharing of our stories, we can find something that will help each other. The internet has brought people together to talk and share. That’s one of the reasons why IFmag is working to stay online and bring more families from all over the world together. Let’s keep each other safe,

Cat Wayland
IF mag Founder, Editor and Owner
Cat and Jax


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