Sponsor level

$2500 - product or company to sponsor entire month. This will allow front home page ad space. The ad space will click to a 2 paragraph product review by one of our writers, product photos, a link and a promotion.

Jingle Contest level

$1250 - This is a unique opportunity partnership with IF. We will sponsor a monthly jingle writing contest for a product or company to come up with a 25 word or less tagline for their products. This invigorates excitement about product and feedback direct from consumer as focused response. The reader will be given either a coupon or free product or both as a result of the contest.

Advertorial level

$500 - Ad banner space on individual articles with click to 1 paragraph review (5 sentences) with photo and link/tel for ordering purposes.

Family Photo Contest

$200 - A camera or film company to sponsor photo contest. Photo contest finalists will win product and write essay about their family and photo.

Coupon Club

$50 - To place coupon for products on site