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Here at International Family Magazine we believe strongly in the storytelling from families around the world that will help to connect us all. It is our mission statement that the one thing that connects us all is the need for a safe, loving home. There are areas of the world and organizations that help those with needs beyond a simple story. We have worked to give money to these organizations and to build awareness of their special work. Please read and support as you can.

    Gina Gippner

Holidays in the Hospital
Children in Need of Comfort

African flag   Baby EggiBaby Eggi

Baby Eggi is a hip line of affordable, cool clothes for kids that donates 20% of its profits to Artists for a New South Africa and a US Foundation, Kids Courage.  

Cheryl Paley's Nitestar Program gives clothing and toys to an orphanage in Uganda please send to
Margaret Boogere
Orphan's Club
PO Box 11
Tororo, Uganda

Infinite Family
organization that offers mentors to children in Africa who have lost their parents to A.I.D.S. epidemic

Oprah’s Leadership Academy

United Kingdom flag   Muslim Hands
similar to Save the Children this organization works with needy children of war torn countries for sponsorship, education and safe water, etc.

Flag of Egypt   Save the Children
an organization that helps all areas of need for children of countries ravaged by war, poverty, disease.

Colombian flag   SOS – Orphan Sponsorship
Bogota Columbia

Flag of Ireland   Doane Stuart School
US and Belfast, Northern Ireland Student Exchange

Honduras   Share Your SOlesShare Your Soles, providing gently worn shoes to those in greatest need.

USA flag   Making it Right foundation is working to rebuild the 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Local Relief Efforts in New Orleans, USA
Local Businesses

Melmark Organization
USA Headquarters, and World Organization
Special Needs Families