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IF, or, our introductory online magazine, was started from a simple idea. The idea of IF is that everyone in the world regardless of religious affiliation, ethnic background, sexuality or politics wants a safe and loving home at the end of the day. Maybe this common place could be a starting point for connecting with one another.

Our online magazine IF hopes to be informative, identifying and humorous to those caregivers across the globe who work hard to create family in our lives. It will be published in at least three global languages each issue. It will contain articles of interest, international factoids or Ifs, arts and humor, product coupons and consumer information, expert advice, a global directory for networking purposes and other interactive elements.

Whether a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandmother and grandfather. Whether in Korea, Argentina, India, America, or England. Whether single or single parenting, multi-cultural, gay or traditional – all people want to believe in the sanctity of their home life.

Mission Statement
And so, our simple mission:

If we could see all humans as our extended family.

If we could recognize our oneness in the desire for a safe, loving home.

If we could see caregivers as superheroes.

If we could honor both chaos and dignity.

Cat WaylandDear IF family,

The idea of family for me has always had a very loose definition. I was a newborn who was an orphan, a foster child and an adopted child all within the first two weeks of my life. My adoptive family numbered five and none of us were biologically related. Although I was told we were American, we lived in the U.K. until I was six. Our family was mixed North American and European with a very blond and tan, Swedish sister, a very dark eyed and large Black Irish brother, a blue-eyed father and a very petite, pale, pixie doll of a red hair mother. Family was then, people who stayed nearby and offered you love. I like life this way. It is simple and full. I look forward to meeting everyone of you from every five of the other continents.

Good Blessings,
Catherine Wayland
Founder, Managing Editor, B.A., M.A., M.S.
Bio, resume, and work portfolio at

Tina Lai ID


Tina LaiTina Lai ID

About - Tina Lai

Tina Lai is a New York based freelance design creative director, specialized in creative and marketing services to small business and individuals.
Tina Lai has lived a colorful life in all four corners of the world.  Born in Taiwan, she has lived in Brazil, Canada, Germany and United States.
Among her other expertises, she is a professionally trained interior architect, an entrepreneur,  a self -taught chef and a mother. She has spearheaded a number of unique projects involving design, non-profit, food and lifestyle clients.
Her strengths lie in effective communication and her ability to bring together the collaboration of talented and international creatives with expertises in writing,photography,graphic design, web development , videography, interior and product design.
Tina Lai is specially interested in helping people communicate their individuality, and the stories created by their passion.  She publishes profile interviews in a monthly blog, Tina Lai ID and writes a column for International Family Magazine.

Mission Statement
“Communicate who you are”
Tina Lai ID aims to create, organize, edit  unique stories, words, expressions, images communicating your individual style of identity.
Designed for independent contractors, start-up, creatives and small business owners, Tina Lai ID offers the possibility of doing more with more impact.

Beyond Motherhood

Beyond Motherhood

" is a new niche job board that connects employers with the "untapped" workforce, stay at home moms. There are thousands of educated and experienced moms nationwide looking for part- time/flexible opportunities, and wants to connect them with employers. Register today at!"


Shannon M. Davis
Founder & CEO
Beyond Motherhood LLC

For Her Information   Beth Aldrich

Beth Aldrich

Beth Aldrich is the founder of Restoring Essence, LLC and is a certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) Beth received her education from Columbia University's Teachers College and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition ( in New York City. She studied under natural health experts such as David Wolfe, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Mercola and Barry Sears.

In addition to her work as a Holistic Nutritional Counselor, engaging speaker and trainer, Beth is also the founder and owner of For Her Information Media, LLC (FHI) established in 2003, with productions such as the PBS TV series, For Her Information, the radio shows, Conversations with Beth and Dan and her new show, A Balanced Life with Beth Aldrich, the Online magazine and newsletter, FHI Online. The company’s mission is to be a guide for conscious-minded women. Beth is also the “Body Shop” columnist for the advice website for women, Beth’s informative and cheeky advice help women find truth and reality in every day health and wellness issues.

Restoring Essence~Holistic Health & Nutrition Counseling

For Her Information Media *
Smart Women. Real Advice~Body Shop Columnist

*WINNER- Website of the Year and Finalist in 4 Categories for the 2006 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Hows My Nanny   Hows My Nanny

HowsMyNanny is a service run by a New York City prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes who is also a mother of two. Through this site, parents can now purchase a license plate for their stroller that enables the public to report good or bad nanny observations. Registered parents instantaneously receive an email alerting them to the confidential report.

Featured on Good Morning America, Fox News National and endorsed in New York's Daily News, has been hailed "an honest solution to a tough problem." helps to provide parents with peace of mind, nannies with long overdue praise and children with a safer environment.

Mamapalooza   Joy


MAMAPALOOZA MEDIA featuring Video, Music, Empowering Stories about Women, Success and Ways YOU can be mentored into your own business, art, band or performance. Join our vast collective of working professionals, stay at home mommies, including moms with rock bands, books, arts, crafts and more. MAMAPALOOZA is recognized in over 40 communities around the world, partnering with Fem-preneurs, social services, parks departments and places of learning. Joy Rose and thousands of MAMAPALOOZA participants have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, PEOPLE Magazine, OPRAH Magazine, Redbook, USA Today, NPR and American Voices to name a few. With millions of viewers, and participants; MAMAPALOOZA Inc. & Mamapalooza Festivals is paving the way for a whole new recipe for success that features Women and Mom owned ventures as the STARS of their own lives. Get inspired and find your authentic voice by connecting with MAMAPALOOZA.

Baby Eggi

  Jennifer Ahn-Newman

Baby Eggi

Co-Founder/Jennifer Ahn-Newman

Since 1997, Jennifer has worked in the non-profit field and currently serves as the Managing Director of The Film Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Martin Scorsese and nine other distinguished filmmakers to protect and preserve motion pictures. With responsibilities that range from developing national educational programs and managing staffs in both Los Angeles and New York to producing special events and implementing fundraising strategies, Jennifer wanted to use her diverse experience to create a company that would combine her business skills, love of fashion and dedication to helping others. Inspired by the birth of her son in 2006 and desire to work with her sister, Jennifer knew that creating a children's clothing line would bring together her passions...and Baby Eggi was born.

Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her son, Luca and husband, Todd.

Artsy Mamas   Mandy Ray-Jones

Mandy Ray-Jones

is a Christian stay-at-home mother of two small children, Hunter and Ronin. She has a BA in psychology from Middle Tennessee State University where she also studied theater, English, Women's studies, and Education. Her interests include writing, reading, performing, exercise, healthy foods, the 80's, bright colors, The B-52's and creating stuff. In February of 2006, she lost her mother to brain cancer and was therefore inspired to live life more authentically as a wife, mom, and artist. In the spring of 2007, she created a non-profit organization called Artsy Mamas which has the mission of bringing arts to moms in order to empower them and improve their self-esteem. The organization has done just that and more for Mandy. Together with her family, she lives in Murfreesboro, TN.

Teensy Green   Teensy Green

Stefani Newman

is a daughter, wife, mom, sister, freelance writer, art teacher, and green educator (for anyone who will listen!) A native New Yorker, Stefani started teensygreen in July of 2007 while living in the beautiful country of Panama, where she lived by the Pacific Ocean for the first time. She now resides in South Florida with her wonderful husband and two beautiful, talented, curious, life-loving daughters, who help her with obsessive shell collecting, messy cooking, and library adventures. With teensygreen, Stefani hopes to help like-minded parents make economical, educational, and safe eco-choices for their families!

Baby Celebration


Baby Celebration LA

Baby Celebration LA is a magical showcase featuring luxurious products and services for babies, tots, and parents, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center April 12-13, 2008. Resplendent with interactive fun-filled features; fashion shows, partyscapes, design vignettes, entertainment…even celebrities…this show is stylish perfection…a do not miss!

Celebrity Baby Blog  

Celebrity Baby Blog

Featuring photos, news, interviews, features, reviews, and style trends, the Celebrity Baby Blog ( is the authority for information about celebrity babies and their famous parents. The original web site on the subject, the Celebrity Baby Blog prides itself on its professionalism, respect towards celebrities and readers, and original content. Over the past three years it has grown exponentially- it now draws over 3 million unique and extremely loyal visitors per month. There is no other baby blog that gets this kind of traffic. A media darling, it's been in O Magazine, Us Weekly,, Cookie, USA Today, the LA Times, the Boston Globe, and on TV: E!, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, VH1 and numerous local TV programs.


Women and Wine

Julie Brosterman, CEO and Founder

While new and nursing moms might have to take a break from enjoying their wine - don't forget that sending your Mom (or someone who is an important woman in your life) a gift of our W&W Wine Club is a way to let them know that you want them to enjoy those special moments and share with them the story of the people and places that are in that glass. This month, when you join our EXCITE club and enter code EOH08 - Women & Wine will donate 10% of the gross proceeds to Events of the Heart - a NYC based foundation that seeks to gain healthy heart awareness for women - as we all know we need to keep healthy to be able to be the caregivers to our families.

Click here to enroll