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Bluffton Today, 10-28-2010
Helping children to grow emotionally, ethically

Editor’s note: Marcia Ramsdell is a seventh- grade counselor and Catherine Wayland teaches English Language Arts to seventh graders at Bluffton Middle School. When we send our students out into the world with language, science and math skills, we also need to arm them with the ability to reason and make good personal decisions.
Many of the 24 hours in a child’s day are spent with teachers, counselors, librarians and other adults. At school, it’s our intention to create an environment that is emotionally safe and conducive to learning.
We create a safe environment through simple, low- tech means like smiling when a student walks into our room. We also help children understand making choices by how we model crisis management. Thinking aloud during problem solving is critical, because it helps the children see that adults think through problems and decisions before taking action — and they can too.
We also use programs at school to reach our students and improve their lives. Every effort that we make to connect with our students in a positive manner, to see them as individuals and value their uniqueness, will bring us closer as a school community.
That closeness or bond can help students experience a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than themselves. It models the life we want them to create on their own. As they make choices as adults and enter their own communities, they will have better answers to important questions such as, “Who will I associate with?”
“How will I interact?” and “How will I contribute to the community that I value?”
We know that students will not integrate knowledge into their own value systems unless they have analyzed it, understood it and applied it in their own lives. Currently, there are three wellknown teen suicides in the national media caused by bullying. We need to bring in these real case studies and have the children discuss and analyze them, apply this to their own lives and their peers.
Helping students understand their own behavior and what motivates them can help them begin to see where they can make positive, compassionate decisions, which helps make our school healthier for everyone.
Learning to obey the rules is something we all have to face and it is important. The order and structure of school builds a foundation for learning and enrichment both in the classroom and the world. Is it enough to know the rules and follow them? We don’t think so. We believe we need to “bump it up” by asking our students (and ourselves) to think on a higher level.
What does it say about me when I do the right thing and, is it important to me to be that person? Even after graduation, we want students to continue to learn and grow not only intellectually, but ethically too.
These children will not only become our future doctors, lawyers and engineers, but human beings that will have to find their way through many social and emotional mazes that will require them to decide over and over “who do I want to be?”

Responsible Family
September 2008

The Adventure of International Family Magazine with Cat Wayland

Hi Folks, I have a real treat for you today. Have you ever met someone who inspired you with their vision and incredible ideas? Well, I have and it is Cat Wayland, editor of International Family Magazine. Enjoy!

In the following Q and A with Cat, you too will see how her simple plan can make a big impact on all of our lives once we engage in her amazing adventure called IF magazine!

Whether we like it or not, we live in a time of transition, where the world is becoming more and more globally focused. Can you address how this affects families?

What is exciting about the global community evolving, is that families are talking about it in different ways.

As an editor and a writer I love to overhear people talk to one another. I have heard U.S. mothers and fathers more and more lately talking about the importance of their children learning a second and third language. In Europe that is a natural course of family life and education, in America this is a new phenomenon.

But of course, new things can scare a lot of people. People are innately territorial. We are not that different from our friends in the animal kingdom. I think it is important to define the safe boundaries before a great interaction can occur. Our mission statement at IF mag is that if our readers are willing to do the work in their lives to find a safe, and loving home for their families, then we will work to give them that on the internet at International Family Magazine.

Much of the emphasis with Responsible Family is focused on safety. How do you see safety with regard to "international families"?

As many of the social networking platforms have launched in this initial phase of Facebook, You Tube, My Space, there are so many voices, so much access and very little filters in place. This is exciting, wonderful, scary and yes, reckless. There are places where I as an adult don’t feel completely safe engaging on. I went on a travel social networking site once to get some thoughts about a country I wanted to highlight on the magazine, and it was like I was in an elementary schoolyard again being bullied. It was awful. And that is a mild example of a bad interaction on the wild, wild web.

On International Family Magazine, everyone is welcome to contact someone at IF mag to tell their story, and their story if non-offensive and authentic, will find a space. Same with our blog, we launched it in January and are now ready to accept many voices and are beginning by inviting friends, family, and friends of friends or completely new friends. The access to me or another staff member is there to find a space to share, to dialogue, but there is a filter in place so that some rules of engagement for dignity, no political or religious band-standing or hate speech is in place.

You have an incredible background. Can you tell us about Cat in 3 sentences?

I was orphaned in the U.S. and adopted to live abroad in the U.K. by 13 months old, so I was an international citizen with no real roots to hold me back from my first memory.

International Family Magazine as a place of storytelling and making an extended family around the world took root in my life first and then grew into an editorial community that I would help to manage.

My philosophy is that there will always be chaos, but if we give it dignity, life will be a grand adventure.

How did your interest in international families and stories begin and how did it evolve into IF magazine?

My fist son was conceived less than four months after 9/11. I knew that I had to stay in New York City for work and I wanted to feel that it would be safe. I am not one to complain unless I have been part of the solution first. I believed that starting a dialogue with other parents around the world, telling one another’s stories, might break through to some world wide diplomacy.

I knew a global magazine for families could not be about making cookies and organizing. I believed that the real stories that make us human as parents, siblings, grand-parents might have a better chance to connect us. I for one needed to talk about post partum depression, and how to merge my husband’s German American family with my gypsy roots, how to raise children that I could not give a biological history to, and on and on. As soon as I began sharing my stories with friends, the stories began to pour in.

IF magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to study people around the world. The reality is that life is different but many of the lessons we learn are the same. This is amazing! What isbthe most important goal for you, with regard to IF magazine?

I am smiling as you said that because that is my goal for IF magazine – “The reality is that life is different but many of the lessons we learn are the same.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I will put my head on my pillow tonight knowing that IF magazine is out there doing a good job, that all the hard work has paid off. Thank you for this, wonderful, wonderful. Somewhere I hear fireworks and champagne corks a-popping!

Other than global diplomacy, I hope our readers make some great new friends, warm their hearts, laugh their heads off. I like to travel, I always have so I will get on a plane, train and automobile just to meet someone new. But my sister and mother might never do this. Wouldn’t it be great if my family or someone else made a friend from the safety of their living room and found that this friend in Porthcawl, Wales was so very much like them living in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Finally, in this age of media pushing the story out to our families, what about reinvigorating the storytellers of the family? What about those nights around the fire together hearing a good story from Uncle Joe or Ti Ti Maria? This was my idea - to make all the storytellers of all the families of all the world valuable again because we published them on IF magazine and told their great story to the world. There is so much incredible treasure stacked right in our own living room. People spend so much time searching for what is in their own backyard.

One of the things that I find very interesting is that IF Magazine, with it's title poses the question "If we could change the world with a story, would we?" And I think the answer is a powerful YES!

Thanks, Cat for sharing your journey with us!

April 2008

International Family Magazine launches Special Needs Family Issue and World Tour of African Families for April

April 6, 2008 -- International Family Magazine celebrates the special needs of families around the world. IF mag recognizes every family member from every corner of the world and wants to hear his/her story. There are so many families that are challenged and victorious every day as they live with Autism, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, Cystic Fibrosis, Parkinson's Disease, PSTD, Alzheimer's et al. IF mag (International Family Magazine) open's its ears and pages, to make sure everyone is heard.

Click HERE to read the entire article at

Tina Lai Cat Wayland and Jessica DenjayMarch 11, 2008

International Family Magazine Launches With Hot Moms Club.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 15, 2008 -- On March 11, 2008 International Family Magazine launched with Hot Moms Club. Hot Moms Club, one of the top premier women's sites online, handpicked twenty partner affiliates including International Family Magazine. The red carpet event was held at the Stone Rose Lounge at Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills. Hosting the event was Eva La Rue and Dayanara Torres.

In attendance at the Hotel Sofitel at the Stone Rose Lounge Hot Mom's Club supercommunity event was Catherine Wayland and her global magazine, International Family Magazine. "It's a good little story." said Catherine Wayland, Founder and Owner of International Family Magazine, Inc. Jessica Denay, co-founder of Hot Moms Club, emailed me one day three years ago to ask me to write for her magazine. I was so busy as a regular columnist "Metro Mama" for a NYC beauty magazine, a second pregnancy and toddler, that it took me quite a few weeks to respond and simply say "Thanks". Catherine was intrigued and began investigating all things "Hot Mom".

It was a very special night in Los Angeles

Wayland became a big fan of Jessica with the launch of Denay's "Hot Moms Handbook". Catherine was a big believer in Jessica's core message that women maintain their self-identity as important role models to their children. "Hot Moms Handbook" is filled with stories and anecdotes from many powerful women. Jessica celebrates women in their victories to be both mothers and business women. The book provides endless examples of mothers who found careers that could fit family life, which has been the key challenge of this generation's largest numbers of U.S. mothers working professionally after childbearing.

At the time of Jessica's book launch, Wayland was launching her own entrepreneurial project, International Family Magazine, Inc. IF mag is an online magazine that connects families around the world with storytelling. "By telling stories rather than giving advice, we can find a way to connect with one another all around the world, regardless of politics, culture or religion," said Wayland.The sanctity of one's home life is the common ground that Wayland's magazine provides its global readers. Jessica liked Wayland's project so much, she included it in the Hot Mom's Handbook which can be purchased on Amazon.

The core messages of Hot Moms and International Family found a partnership in one another. Once Jessica, her partners and Hot Moms Club decided to create a supercommunity of women online, they called Catherine. Wayland was thrilled at the invitation and accepted their offer. A letter of agreement was signed between the two parties last summer, 2007 and the work began immediately. The other night at Hotel Sofitel it was time to celebrate the partnership between International Family Magazine, Hot Moms, 19 other strong partners and all the hard work that had been won.

Other partners launching in the Hot Moms supercommunity include Savvy Mommy, ChicBlvd, Teensygreen, Coochicoos, Mamapalooza and Moms on Boards. "It was a very special night in Los Angeles," said Catherine, "There was an energy of power that was very uniquely female. In a time where women still get criticized for borrowing masculine characteristics to gain leverage in business and politics, that was not the case at the Stone Rose Lounge. The women were spiritual, powerful divas. And the men that attended the event were thrilled to applaud the ladies at center stage."

Attending the Super Community Launch event at the Hotel Sofitel with Catherine Wayland was Tina Lai, Gourmet for International Family Magazine. Tina Lai has been onboard with IF mag for six months adding gourmet meals, global travel and indigenous cultural traditions for the IF mag reader's pleasure. Also in attendance was an advertising sponsor for International Family Magazine and Hot Moms, Pacific Hideaways and their President Vi Tang.

The purpose of the super community for women as hosted by Hot Moms Club is to strengthen the businesses by leveraging one another's audience and consumer base. For the audience and consumer, the super community continues the concept of the popular mall approach to shopping and consuming information and goods. When members come into the Hot Moms Club supercommunity, they can read topical articles of interest, buy clothing, win prizes, attend events, and enjoy socialiizing and friendship. It is the one stop shop concept that is so popular for busy women managing careers, homes and family.

International Family Magazine is all about what works for families, so they climbed onboard with Hot Moms and and opened their own store front in the supercommunity. On the group page on Hot Mom's Club for International Family Magazine, they make available to their audience global human interest articles, storytelling by moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas from 7 continents in 7 languages, comedy videos, world music, photo slide shows from around the world, exotic meals and decor, culture and traditions. You will find warmth, intelligence, humor and alot of reality from families around the world at IF mag.

Ask The Headhunter

The insider’s edge on job search & hiring™

Please read these wonderful editorial comments from the Headhunter about Brooke's stories.

To read the replies to his comment, visit the Headhunter blog at

February 26, 2008
If you don’t like rejection

Filed under: Interviewing, Job Search

Every week I get books in the mail. Review copies. These are from authors writing about career topics who would like me to plug their books on Ask The Headhunter. I know how hard it is to get your writing published, so I don’t respond when I have nothing nice to say.

Most of the time, even the titles are embarrassing. (No, I won’t tell you the titles. Our moms were right. Sometimes it’s still best to say nothing if you can’t say anything nice.) The material is weak. The methods described are hackneyed, and they still don’t work. Some of these books are preposterous; others, too clever for their own good.

The problem with most career books is that they don’t tell you anything you need to know that will make a difference in your life. So, when I find something that can make a difference, I squeal with glee. Today, something turned up. Except this isn’t a book. It’s two stories, and, according to the author, they’re true.

Learning How to Land a Job and Sally Would be Proud of Me

Each story is about a person who couldn’t land a job. Each story is about what these people did during a job interview. Each closes with the lessons learned. The stories are short. They teach more than any career book, and what they tell can make a difference in your life.

Written by Brooke T. Allen, who has been there, done that, these stories are little gems. Job hunting and interviewing are difficult, trying tasks. Rejection is not only common; it is standard. The key to success lies in who you are, and in the confidence you demonstrate. My favorite line is one of the lessons at the end: If you don’t like rejection, make offers that are hard to refuse.

That sentence beats every career book ever written.

» Posted by Nick Corcodilos on February 26, 2008 at 10:27 am

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