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Young Minds
“If a man’s mind becomes pure, his surroundings will also become pure.” - Buddha -

As a mom, I am always concerned about my son’s safety, health, development and education. The phrases, “hold my hand”, “be careful” and “please eat your veggies” are on continuous replay in our household. Thankfully, my son is very healthy, both in mind and body. I often wonder about parents who are dealing with an illness on top of all of the normal worries that accompany parenthood.

As I began doing our IF research for this month’s issue concerning mental health, I came across Young Minds Magazine out of the UK ( ). It is such a wonderful resource for any family struggling with the mental illness of a child. The topics and stories are based on concerns that Young Minds Magazine deals with on their organizational help line. It is truly about real findings and real stories. It also has a section called “spotlight” which has current papers discussing these topics.

The magazine itself is full of articles from dealing with depression or eating disorders, to simply just nourishing your child’s mental health. It has information on the latest research and treatments. Many of the articles are written by the children who have suffered from an illness and are being treated. I like the way that could pull the blanket off of someone’s isolation with mental illness. These true stories really show other kids that they are not alone and that help is out there.

With the way that our society views mental illness, I was elated to see a publication that is bringing it out of the darkness that so often shrouds it and makes it shameful. So many young minds go untreated. There is so much that our children face in this world today - they grow up so fast and our world has so many difficulties. Our children need to be helped with their healthy minds as much as any other concern, in order to have healthy lives.

This is one website, to be checked out by any parent, mindfully healthy or not.

Beth Yoon

Beth Yoon

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