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Over the past decade, ePALS, Inc. has created and delivered their services to schools, teachers, students and families. ePALS has been the recognized leader and trusted provider of K-12 school-safe and protected email, blogs and eMentoring tools to school districts and classrooms. ePALS is also the first global K-12 collaborative learning and literacy community, focused specifically on fostering reading, writing and critical thinking skills across the curriculum. At ePALS our mission is to support lifelong learning through resource-rich, collaborative experiences about subjects that empower and inspire.
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Dear IF readers,

It’s been an interesting process looking for an ePALS.  We searched through the profiles at ePALS and they were very interesting and so diverse.  There were profiles from all over the world.  First we searched for kids with similar interests as Hallie and then we decided to broaden our search and look for kids who were the same age.  Because everything is monitored, which is what makes this a great and safe way to connect, it took a while to find another interested party. 

To have the world at our fingertips is an awesome thing but it can also be scary.  I appreciate the monitored chats and the profiles needing approval through ePALS.  So, even with an extremely fast vehicle like the web, I didn't mind the slow down for safety.  Eventually, someone from Indonesia responded to our email and our daughters have just begun their adventure.  Because all of the dialogue goes through ePALS, it is a little slower than general emails.  So, we await a response from our friend in Indonesia.

Hallie's Mom

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