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Jax Hoffman
Hello IF readers,

We are up and running on ePALs!  ( We have an active profile which was approved so we are able to source around for an ePAL.  How exciting. Jax and I looked at all the listings of teachers and homeschoolers looking for a pen pal for their child or student, ages 5-10. We wrote to someone in Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom and France.  We are looking for a Spanish/English exchange but would like a foreign pen pal that connects with us regardless of the country and language.  Right now we are happy to put our profiles and letters to people and start a friendship.  Every country we looked at, Jax went to his Atlas to trace the country and hang on his wall next to his World Map to share with his baby brother Brody.  You should hear their conversations, wow, they are world citizens who are using ePALs as their passport to the world! The learning that is going on in our house is so exciting!

(Rememer IF readers, if you are doing this as a home project you look for a classroom, click advanced search and search homeschooling category for house to house pen pals. You don’t have to be “homeschooled” to participate with other families.  Just write your profile as a mom, dad, grandparent, etc. and your family’s wish for a pen pal. )

Here are our letters in both English and Spanish.  The ePALS server helps us translate our work. This helps Jax a lot in his Spanish lessons:

I am an editor, teacher and parent.  My five year old son, Jax would like to have a pen pal in a foreign country.  As the editor of an international family magazine with a section on Education Exchange, I would like from time to time to publish the letters so that we can share with our global readers the joy of intercultural exchange. 

Jax is five, and he is in a local Montessori school on Hilton Head Island, SC, USA.
Jax is learning Spanish as a second language, Suzuki Violin, and is active in an after school sports program. His first sport is swimming but he also likes to bike and is showing an interest in tennis.  Jax is an animal lover and has a pet rabbit, Snow, who we can’t agree whether it is a girl or a boy.  The vet says girl, Jax says boy.  Jax studies world animals everyday, and draws them.  Jax loves geography very much, taking pictures, drawing pictures and making books.  We call him the "lawyer" as he would debate even the President of the United States.  I think you will find him a great pen pal for one of your students or class.


Yo soy editor, maestro y padre.  Mi hijo cinco año viejo, a Jax les gustaría tener un compañero de la pluma en un país extranjero.  Como el editor de una revista familiar internacional con una sección en el Intercambio de Educación, me gustaría de vez en cuando publicar las cartas para que nosotros podamos compartir con nuestros lectores globales la alegría de intercambio del intercultural. 

Jax tiene cinco años, y él está en una escuela de Montessori local en Hilton la Isla De cabeza, SC, EE.UU..  Jax está aprendiendo español como un segundo idioma, el Violín de Suzuki, y es activo en un después de que el programa de los deportes escolar.  Su primer deporte está nadando pero le gusta también andar en bicicleta y está mostrando un interés en el tenis.  Jax es un amante animal y tiene un querido conejo, Nieve que nosotros no podemos estar de acuerdo si es una muchacha o un muchacho.  El veterinario dice a la muchacha, Jax dice al muchacho.  Jax estudia los animales mundiales todos los días, y los dibuja.  Jax ama la geografía muy, mientras sacando las fotos, mientras dibujando los cuadros y haciendo los libros.  Nosotros lo llamamos el "abogado" cuando él debatiría al Presidente de los Estados Unidos incluso.  Yo pienso que usted lo encontrará un gran compañero de la pluma para uno de sus estudiantes o clase.

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