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Post Grad

Post Grad

Jessica Long
Entry 3

It appears that I have finally become a grown up.  Although I may still act like the blithe college student on the occasional Friday night, and I may be silly like a high school student given the right company, but in terms of my day to day consistencies and responsibilities, I’ve matured a lot since May 2006.  It’s amazing to say that it’s now been almost two years since I graduated from college.  Time has flown by.  I’ve always been told that time goes by quicker and quicker as you get older.  I can now understand why this is the case; yet I cannot fathom how quick time will pass if it gains momentum with each New Year. 

My year abroad has long time passed and remains an amazing experience and memory.  The tedious six months I spent in limbo pressuring over finding a job, upon my arrival back in the States, now seems like a marvelous summer dedicated to friends and family.  And the job that I finally settled on after all my stress and confusion has landed me in a wonderful place in my life.  Although I still question whether the corporate life is right for me, as I’d rather be working on my own schedule in whatever outfit I deemed fit (honestly, who doesn’t?), yet unexpectedly I find myself happy in a corporate setting. 

I enjoy the day to day tasks that greet me every morning in my cubicle.  Even the tedious ones that find their way to me, as the bottom layer of the totem pole, have begun to prove their selves worthy.  My problem solving skills have developed, my familiarity with various computer programs has progressed and my understanding of the way things work in the “real world“ has expanded. 

I’ve found a routine, both at work and socially, that allows me to plan ahead, yet be spoiled by the unexpected spontaneity.  My job provides me with structure and a basis for continued knowledge, while also letting me loose to make new friends and experience new things.  I’ve been able to stay true to myself, by continuing my passion of riding horses every night after work, while also extending my sense of humor and dedication to friendships in the work atmosphere. 

With all that said, of course I’ll still continue to buy lottery tickets once a week and fantasize about my next trip abroad, but as for now, in the reality of life that we all face, I couldn’t be much happier. 

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