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Marriage and Modern Life

By Kent Converse

Couple 1

Picture a beautiful couple wanting to get married but the man was divorced and the Church said to get married in the Church his marriage would have to be annulled and that would take 12 years. Another couple has lived together for over a year and had their life planned out together.

Couple 2

The woman wakes up one morning to her boy friend announcing it's over. Just like that, it was finished.

Couple 1

The first couple involved my Rotary daughter Trang and the rules of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. The second couple involves a girl very dear to me and the modern view of about anything goes. We are a culture of rights. We want no rules and seldom think of the consequences of our actions. I am as much a civil libertarian as anyone, mainly because I choose to separate secular from religion. It is difficult to legislate morally. The right way has to come from inter soul and self morality of ones self.

The Culture of "Me"

I strongly disagree with this culture of “Me.” Why is it murder if you apply a sucking device on a baby and tear it apart when it is legal to do the same thing to a fetus two month before? Over 50 million abortions have taken place since “Roe vs. Wade.” The height of hypocrisy to me is the liberal who demonstrates to save a murder's life from execution but is an advocate of abortion. The millions, innocent or not, of “Aids” are the victims of the absence of moral behavior of the “Me” generation. What a costly behavior born by all of us.

A Marriage Blessing for Couple 1

Trang and her husband Huan was married in a civil ceremony in Vietnam. It was important to them to have the Church Blessing. Since that was not available they came to the United States and had a marriage blessing at an Episcopal Church in Kinsley Kansas. They felt the blessing of God in their marriage and pledged their fidelity in this union of life. They already have a beautiful daughter Sarah. This little girl has the blessing of parents, a man and women, who have pledged to be good parents and provide the moral and life's guidance everyone needs.

Starting Over for Couple 2

The second couple starts over hugely used up from modern love.  Luckily, no children were procreated to suffer a terrible start in life.

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