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Home Sweet Home, For One and All.

By Wendy Roberts

have always known about Habitat for Humanity but it was not until I visited their site that I realized just how wonderful and impressive this organization is.

It was an inspiration to read about the life of Habitat’s founder, Millard Fuller. As a young and successful man whose personal life was struggling, he and his wife reconnected to their faith and made the decision to sell all of their possessions, give all of their money to charity and move to Africa. It was in Africa that they lived in a housing community which they helped to build. This concept was built upon the idea of no-profit, no-interest building that involved people who would actually live in the homes after they worked to construct them. The Fullers saw how well this idea worked and the pride that it instilled in the new home-owners. That was how “Habitat for Humanity” was born. Mr. Fuller was able to see this formula working everywhere.

“I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help his people in need.” —Millard Fuller

Habitat helps those in need all over the world. It is amazing to read about all of the nations where they have made a difference. They also have disaster response and have helped immensely to rebuild areas that have been devastated by natural disasters. From the Tsunami in Sri Lanka to the terrible earthquake in Pakistan,or the travesty right here in the U.S. that Katrina and Rita left behind - Habitat is there helping to rebuild.

You can also read about the involvement of former President Jimmy Carter and his wife. Each year they dedicate a week of their life to helping with the construction of homes for those who need them. The Carters are very passionate about this cause. Habitat has so much to offer with so many different programs and ways to help. Whether a person is willing to donate money or volunteer time, there is something for everyone. Habitat even has a “women build” program that is a wonderful way for women to bond and give something back while doing it. It sure beats a Tupperware party.

The most enjoyable part of visiting this site though, were the home-owner stories (located under faces and places). Just reading first hand how their lives have been turned around with the help of Habitat was heart warming. They are literally building lives when they build these houses. That is a cause worth hammering for. Check out Habitat for Humanity at and see for yourself!!!

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