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European Family Mags and Sites

Note: Put these as bookmarks and keep in touch with your European neighbors and their activities and events. Engage your family in European storytelling


Your gateway to visiting Europe as a family


Geo is a huge line of international magazines for families.  There are lifestyle and science and geography in many cultures and languages.  Please click on to see them all.  I have picked out their GEOlino for Germany and their Muy Interesante Junior for their Spanish neighbors, but there is many more and it is an impressive publication.

GeoLino – General Interest Magazine for boys and girls ages 8-14 in Germany.

German Life
German Life
Bi-monthly Magazine for all interested in German Culture Past and Present.

Site for French Family Holidays, Food, and Community in France for Families. 


For lovers of all things Italian.  One of the editors is a contributor for International Family Magazine

Muy Interesante Junior – Spain

From the Geo line of publications, this magazine for Spanish children is geared towards scientific and technological phenomenon.

Ser Padres – Spain and Latin America.

A magazine for families and parents from the Parents company for their Latin counterparts.

Swedish Family Site

Gateway site with articles, resources for Swedish families.

Ancestry Magazine – All European Cultures

Stories about family ancestry.  Submit stories or read another family’s story.

Irish Connections

Irish Connections

Irish Roots

Irish Family History, Geneology, Song, and World Wide Heritage

Ireland of the Welcomes

A bi-monthly publication Bord Fáilte Irish Tourist Board portraying Ireland's history culture and lifestyles.

Scotland Magazine

Celebrating Scotland across the world

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