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TCK or Third Culture Kid
by Cat Wayland


i am a third culture kid. What does that mean? A third culture kid or TCK is a child that spends a significant portion of their developmental years outside of their parent’s native country. The child is aware of the parent’s native culture, the visiting culture and embraces a third culture of their own, a mix of cultures. It is more international and without borders, is how I would describe it. There are many reasons for this to happen – military, corporate relocation, missionary, government work, etc. For my family, my father requested an overseas assignment because he believed this would enrich his and his family’s life. We were moved over to England for five years when I was 13 months old. My life as TCK, third culture kid changed me forever. I believe for the better. Looking at the world as though the entire world was my backyard allowed me to accept difference in a profound way. Different was normal. Change was normal. I grew up in a way of “go with the flow”. And so, my philosophy of life became that chaos was the common denominator of my life but if there was dignity, life was a grand and beautiful adventure. I think this philosophy became International Family Magazine.

I want to introduce you to the site of Third Culture Kid and some really neat people, such as a fellow Brice Royer TCKid Founder who I am talking to on email and their TCK Academy’s Ruth Van Reken who co-wrote “Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds”.

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