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Judy's House


Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

over the course of my life I have been influenced by many a teacher...both good and bad.  Remember those teachers that scared and intimidated you?  All I ever learned from them was how to be scared and intimidated.  What about the teachers that were so darn sure of themselves?  Nope.  Nothing.  I don't remember a single thing they imparted that I could take into my life.  So, what kind of teacher do I remember getting something from?

3rd Grade:  Miss Frazier fell in front of the entire class.  She fell off a platform and, while still in her chair, got stuck with her legs open.  The entire class got a real good look at her underwear.  After a few students dislodged her, she stood up in front of the class, smoothed down her dress, and took a big bow.  The entire class burst into applause.

Sophomore Year in High School:  Mr. Larsen, the science teacher, was doing an experiment in front of the class.  He was explaining how to use a glass "pipette" to distribute a solution.  "Now, students," he instructed. "At the base of this pipette are two glass balls.  You need to squeeze these balls gently in order to release the solution..."  He proceeded to show us how it was done, amongst many giggles.   Once it dawned on him what it was that we were giggling about, he turned red as a beet and left the room.  He returned a few minutes later, dabbing at his brow with a handkerchief, smiling sheepishly.

Freshman Year in College:  Ms. Campbell was "in trouble".  All the students were talking about it.  We didn't know the details.  All we knew was that "it was messy".  I walked into the student washroom before class one day, and there was Ms. Campbell.   She had been crying.  She was splashing cold water on her face, and she saw me in the reflection of the mirror in front of her.  "Well, hey there, Judy, how lovely to see you!" she chirped.  "The teacher's lounge was a bit full, so I thought I'd freshen up in here before class.  I'm looking forward to seeing your report today!"  (I was to find out later that her "situation" involved another teacher, making the teacher's lounge off limits some days.)

Miss Frazier, Mr. Larsen and Ms. Campbell, I would take any class you teach.  You taught me what I really needed to learn.  When accidents happen, it doesn't mean that "you are an accident".  When you do something embarrassing, it doesn't mean that "you are an embarrassment".  If you make a mistake, it doesn't mean that "you are a mistake".  When life seems too hard to show up for, you show up anyway.

And it sure doesn't hurt to bring your sense of humor.

All the best to all of you,


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