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Judy's House

Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House,

T' is the season to be...uh, wait...give me a second...ah, yes, t' is the season to be jolly! Well, I find it difficult to be jolly while waiting in line at 4 a.m. for the stores to open on Black Friday. Then there's holiday traffic, holiday shopping...ah, yes, holiday shopping. If only I could pay for those "special holiday gifts" with "special holiday cash". Alas, t' is not the case in my household this year.

But, I love giving gifts! It lifts my spirits, makes me feel like a better person, etc. So, what does a person do when they want to give, give, give, but their credit cards are maxed out, out, out?

I realized that, in the true meaning of the holiday season, that the best gift is to "give of oneself". I chose to take this concept one step further. I decided to "give OTHERS to OTHERS". Here's what I've managed to put into action so far...

My parents discovered my two children at their front door with bows stuck to their heads and signs that hung from their necks which read, "Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Holidays! We're here to entertain and delight you throughout the entire holiday season!" (Just imagine the looks of wonder and awe on my parents faces. You can't buy that in a store, now can you?)

In that same vein, I realized that some people just want a little "alone time”. But how does one give that valuable gift to someone else? Here's how...

My husband came home to the kitchen table stacked high with a one-month supply of TV dinners. The attached note read, "Sweetheart, I know how you've been saying you never have time to yourself, and how much you get tired of leftovers. Well, lucky you! Here's a way to avoid people and leftovers for the entire holiday season! See you next year, and Happy Holidays!"

You may be asking yourself, "Where's Judy amidst all of this?" At present I am sprawled across a king-size bed (complete with "magic fingers") in a nearby "Motel 6". Oh, I know I can't stay here forever. Eventually I'll return home, collect the kids and start cooking for my family again. But, for the next few hours (or days, perhaps a week) I must admit I'm feeling very, very jolly!!!!

Happy Holidays to one and all,


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