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IF, Oprah and other Charity News

By B.W. Hoffman

Dear Readers,

We want to take this opportunity to update you on some of our charity projects. Although we are still operating in the negative in year 2 here at IF magazine, there is a solid belief here that it is in giving that we get. Maybe not an advertiser or a grant, but a very good feeling nonetheless. Naive? Maybe. But currently we here at IF are sleeping soundly under safe, warm roofs with 3 solid meals - so is there energy for the rest of the world? Definitely.

Some News About IF & Oprah Winfrey ...

Like many of you we have been reading the press pieces on the recent inauguration of Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy in Africa for young girls
( Oprah’s academy hopes to take disadvantaged young women who show promise, and nurture their magical selves into leaders of their communities, South Africa and the World. Bravo, Oprah. We here at IF are big fans of this effort. On Oprah’s website there are many levels of donations and gift giving. We are able to help in our small way by now and again, donating to the Arts of the school program. Maybe someday we will have some of these girls interested in being IF writers, that would be wonderful.

Doane Stuart School ...

In January’s issue of IF magazine we told you about a very special school that our editor, Catherine, attended. The Doane Stuart School ( is working hard to buy the building they have been in lease agreement with for over the last 3 decades. It is a school that believes in the individual as he and she sit in their immediate community and globally. They have participated for years in residential and non-residential programs that bring international students to their campus. Currently they are involved in an exchange with Northern Ireland, Belfast and their own students for mutual, cultural understanding. We were able to donate a modest amount to their annual fund this year and we are on standby to give man-hours to their fundraising efforts on the telephone.

Share Your Soles and PS. 51 ...

We are officially launching our editorial campaign and efforts with the charity organization “Share Your Soles”. This is an organization that we have been writing about on Education Exchange. Headed by Mona Purdy out of Chicago, “Share Your Soles” recycles gently used shoes and sends them to impoverished countries so that the children may attend school and wear nice shoes in attendance ( ). The year 2007 and Education Exchange will focus monthly on the updates of this effort. See Education Exchange this month for more information.

Wheelz – We are still working with our Crystal Bergman, Chair for Our Globe, IF’s charity entity to raise awareness about the need for handicap access and stroller access into public institutions.

Other charity organizations that we have told you about: (mental health and teenagers) (education mentors families in Africa and the AIDS Epidemic) (helping to raise money and awareness to stop the brutality in Darfur) (helping to fund impoverished villages from war and other epidemics) (helping to build homes for people in need of this basic human right)

Please keep reading about all these worthy organizations that make us a global community where we are all extended family in need. Write a politician about Darfur. Give $20 to Oprah’s girls for art supplies. Buy YoungMinds Magazine if you are the parent of a teenager and help fund an organization that helps teens. Pass all these link in email to your friends to help build awareness.

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