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A World Village

A review of

By Beth Yoon


As we discuss the idea that “it takes a village” to raise a child, I cannot help but think about those children whose “village” is sick and dying of AIDS. It is these children then who end up taking care of the village that is supposed to be taking care of them. Worse even, they are orphaned by AIDS and have no one.

Save the children is an organization reaching out to everyone in the world to become the village that these little children so desperately need. They help to create a “world village” to care for children and families with needs all around the globe.

These needs vary in different parts of the world. Some have the need for education and setting up economic opportunity and others need protection and relief from disasters. Still others, as I mentioned above, are in need of everything because their entire family has been taken by the AIDS epidemic.

One of the things that I like about this organization is that they do not just ask for donations but also for your involvement. For instance, they have a program called “caps to the capital” where thousands of Americans knit hats for newborns that are included in a kit to help save their lives. You can sponsor a child through health and education and, there are many and always changing methods of volunteering.

Actually getting involved and not just writing a check each year is a great way to teach our own children that giving is getting. It allows them to see us giving of ourselves and our time to someone who really needs it and that is a precious resource.

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