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Cat Wayland


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Dear IF readers,

Welcome to 2008 Education Exchange! At the end of 2007 we spoke about a couple of projects, Post Grad and College Bound. Please see our home page for Jessica Long’s second series, Post Grad 2. Here on the pages of education exchange, we developed a questionnaire that went out to a group of high school students. Some of these same questions were asked of a group of graduating business majors at the university level during an informal Q & A I conducted in the last month here in the U.S. The answers surprised me. This month we will have you read the questions and ask them to yourself and to any student you know. In March, you can read the answers. I wonder at your own surprise.

College Bound Project
Survey Questions

  1. If the college process was reversed and you were able to ask a representative from the college of your choice to write an essay answering a question from you, what question would that be?

  2. What is the one thing you wish you had learned in your schooling that you were
  3. never taught?

  4. Have you ever taken a Briggs-Meyer Personality Test that helps match personality to skills and career choices? If yes, what was the result?

  5. Have you ever read a career advice book, ie “What Color is Your Parachute?”

  6. Have you ever spoken to a career counselor or job coach outside of your school?

  7. Are you going into college with a declared major? Which one?

  8. What do you hope to get from college? Be honest as you can be with this question, ie Fun, Independence? A Job?

  9. Give the three criteria of your top 3 college picks.  City? Suburban? Rural? Small? Large? Far or close to home?  Offer a certain program?  Etc.

  10. If you could skip college and go right to the perfect job, what would it be?  How long would your hours be a day? How long would your commute be?  How much vacation? How much pay? Would you manage people or be an individual contributor?  Would you work for a company or start your own?

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