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ePALS - Where Learners Connect.
Over the past decade, ePALS, Inc. has created and delivered their services to schools, teachers, students and families. ePALS has been the recognized leader and trusted provider of K-12 school-safe and protected email, blogs and eMentoring tools to school districts and classrooms. ePALS is also the first global K-12 collaborative learning and literacy community, focused specifically on fostering reading, writing and critical thinking skills across the curriculum. At ePALS our mission is to support lifelong learning through resource-rich, collaborative experiences about subjects that empower and inspire.

Dear IF readers

We are in the patient process of setting up with ePALS.  We are huge fans so we are working hard and staying the course.  ePALS is a secure environment for my sons, and so therefore they monitor and filter the communications and profiles to make sure it is a safe, learning environment.

We are CREATING OUR PROFILE to find our ePAL and guess what?

We had to redo it!  That’s right, the gatekeepers on ePALS want you as a parent or teacher to articulate your goals for obtaining an ePAL so that you utilize the site to its greatest potential.

My first profile was too vague and broad.  I wrote, “I am a mother of 2 sons, Brody 3 and Jax 5.  Jax and I are working on our Spanish language skills.  I am conversational and he is in beginning lessons.  We would like an ePAL to work with in a Latin country.”


“I am a mother of 2 sons, Brody 3 and Jax 5.  Jax and I are working on our Spanish language skills. I am conversational and he is in beginning lessons. Jax attends school where he has spanish lessons and has just joined an after school program "Los Amigos" where the students learn new vocabulary, sing songs, write, converse and have fun with another culture.  I would love for us to correspond with another student in a Latin country who is bilingual English/Spanish and begin a friendship and letter writing that helps Jax to practice his Spanish and make a friend who opens a new, cultural world for him.”


In the meantime, I can post ads and messages on the PARENT FORUMS found in the activities scroll down and I can start to get to know the community and the people that might be a great fit once my profile is ready.


I can also as a parent or teacher ask questions and engage other parents in discussions about education.  I am thrilled with this as a Mom, Teacher, and Editor of IF Mag.  There are so many questions I would like a peer discussion about.  I just asked the group about materials for Second Language learning.  I’ll tell you what answers I get next time.

Stay tuned…….

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