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Parents Choice
A review by Cat Waylan

Parents Choice
ear IF readers,

I agree with Cheryl Paley’s assertion that TV and Internet can be dangerous tools for youth.  Or brilliant.  We must help them navigate the waters.  For me as parent with a 4 year old and 6 year old, I have a lot of room to make the decisions of what is in the house.  So, I can buy appropriate DVDs, educational video games from Vtech or Leapfrog and not allow TV or Internet access in to their rooms for free surfing. This will eventually get more and more difficult.

Parents Choice at is a wonderful resource for parents looking for appropriate material for their children.  It is hard to just say, “No TV”, or “turn that off”.  But if we give them some interesting choices, maybe they will engage in a wider variety of materials that are more useful to learning or just simply not so destructive to their social development. 

Parents Choice reviews all media whether TV, Websites, Video Games, DVDs, Movies, etcetera.  I like this because I have made a couple of my own mistakes in not previewing a movie before it was released or getting parent reviews.  And it is hard to stay up with nightmares at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, or try and tell a small child that imagination is not real. 

IF mag engages families in the solution.  Parents Choice is one of the solutions to a pro-active involvement in their children’s media and learning.  Brava Parents Choice, brava.

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