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Celebrating Our Elders from Around the World


Eldon Rathburn

4/21/1916 - Canadian film composer
(NN&C FunFact: Rathburn wrote over 100 film scores between 1947 and 1976 as a staff composer with Canada's National Film Board.)

K. H. Ting

(nee Ting Kuang-hsun)
9/20/1915 - Chinese Anglican bishop
(NN&C FunFact:  Ting is president emeritus of the China Christian Council, the government-approved Protestant church in China.)

Svend Asmussen

2/28/1916 - Danish jazz violinist, "The Fiddling Viking".

Abbe’ Pierre

8/5/1912- French humanitarian – founder of Emmaus movement that focuses on helping the poor.

Jean-Pierre Vernant

1/4/1914 - French historian and anthropologist.

Millvina Dean

2/2/1912 British Titanic Survivor.

House Peters, Jr.

1/12/1916 - American character actor (NN&C FunFact: Peters was the first live-action Mr. Clean in a series of television commercials starting in 1958.)

Marguerite Patten

11/4/1915 - British home economist, food writer, and broadcaster (NN&C FunFact: Patten, whose first televised cooking show aired in 1947, was awarded the OBE in 1991 for "services to the art of cookery".)

Pietro Ingrao

3/30/1915 - Italian politician (NN&C FunFact: Ingrao is considered to be the elder statesman of the Italian left.)

Khushwant Singh

2/2/1915 - Indian author (NN&C FunFact: Singh writes exclusively in English.)

Corinne "Lindy" Boggs

3/13/1916 - American politician, Louisiana congresswoman (1973-1991) and ambassador to the Vatican (1997-2001) (NN&C FunFact: Boggs is the mother of journalist Cokie Roberts.)

Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland

(nee Lilian May Davies)
8/30/1915 - Welsh-born Swedish royal.

Rafael Caldera

1/24/1916 - Venezuelan president (1969-1974 and 1994-1999)

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