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January 2008

Global Pen Pals
By Catherine Wayland

Hello IF Readers,

We are back in 2008 to continue our journey with ePALS ( and  to invite you and your families to enjoy intercultural exchange with this wonderful organization. Check them out!

So far, my sons Jackson and Brodhir have made small appearances in IF magazine.  But my oldest Jax, will be participating with me in finding an ePAL.  He is now taking Spanish at his Montessori school and some of the parents, including myself, are trying to support this endeavor.  So Jax and I are looking for a pen pal in a Latin country to write our letters bi-lingually and to learn as much of the culture before a big trip we will be taking to Colombia, TBD.   If we could find a pen pal in that country and the area of Bogota, that would be ideal.  But as Jax tells me, “Mom, you get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”

So as you will be getting to know Jax, I will introduce him with a few words and a photo.  Jax is a shooting star that is so hard to put a lasso on.  Of course this is such a dilemma as he is only 5, and although as sophisticated sometimes as a twenty-year old, I must constantly remind myself there is some things left to teach him.  I muster the face of authority with great determination when he negotiates with me as slick as a Capitol Hill lawyer.  But the truth is, I have no doubt that he will set the world on fire.  And if he was to set loose tomorrow, that he would call me from Hollywood or the Senate in a month to update me.  But I want so much to hold on as long as I can, he is so lovely to watch grow.

Jax is eager to make as many friends as he can in this lifetime, so he is excited to make a friend in another country.  He has many questions, mostly about animals.  So we are looking in the advanced search area of ePALs in the homeschool section as this lists individuals rather than entire classrooms.  So far, we have written to a number of people in other countries to ask if they will want to write to us, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Colombia, to name a few. 

Stay tuned…….  Jax

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