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Memoir Writing

By Cat Wayland

Can your family “google” you?
      Is your memoir on the web?

Publish with IF mag TODAY!

Dear IF readers,

International Family Magazine is always "Celebrating the Wisdom of the Ages!" and we have dedicated a section of the magazine to our over 55+ audience. Just go to the home page and pull down the "Generations" tab to see our "Aging" section filled with wonderful stories.

So, we want you to write your memoir and publish it with us here at IFmag.

Why would I want to write a memoir? Because the stories of our lives are the narratives of our character, our circumstances and our experiences. A shared memoir stands as a contribution to future generations.

We ask for your memoir to be 1500 words only sent to us in a word doc format (.doc) and accompanied by a single photo sent to us in (.jpg) format. Send it to Catherine Wayland, Founder and Editor at For those of you who do not have a personal computer but can borrow one at the library or other, please send it to us as an email at Please make sure to put your full name and place of birth so we can create a link that your family can find you at always. Please make sure to give us an address or email to send you your link confirmation for where to find your memoir on the web always. Here is an example of what your link will look like:

My memoir link:

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