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Judy's House

Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

"All is Fair in Love and War".  

Let's say the above phrase is true? That would mean that you can wage war on the ones you love, right?

I decided to take this idea literally? I redecorated my home to resemble an Army barracks and told my family they had been drafted into "Love and War Boot camp".     

At first my family resisted. The children took a strong dislike to being woken up by a bugle call at dawn. But, as my bugle playing improved, so did their attitudes. I'd send them off in their fatigues an hour earlier than before, so that they could jog to school (I enlisted various neighbors along the route to monitor them and make sure they did not bum a ride from a friend).

When my husband refused to make the bed so that a quarter could bounce off of it, I took away his car keys. After one month of taking the bus to work (and back) he had those covers tucked in so tight you could mistake it for a trampoline.

I spent the days preparing my family's rations. I only used high-protein, high-fiber, low-fat ingredients. I prepared and packaged these items so that my family members could carry them in their knapsacks(And, my new set of tin plates were the talk of the neighborhood).

What was the outcome of this exercise?? My children became prompt, alert and in great physical condition. My husband started to appreciate everything I did around the house, because now he was doing it too. Our entire family looked, felt, and behaved in a healthier, more respectful manner.

Hmmmmmmnnnnn.......If only we looked good in khaki.

Here's to waging a "War Against Whining".

All the best to all of you,


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Gail Dennison has performed her one person-show entitled, “That Gail” throughout New York City and as far away as Madrid, Spain. Gail is also a proud member of the all-women comedy group, “The Heartless Floozies.”

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