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Kidz Corner

Anna: Two and Ten

By: Ellen Blaustein

Anna is two months shy of two years old.  She and her mother and father are awaiting the birth of a baby sister or brother. In anticipation of the baby's arrival, Anna has been moved out of her crib and into a 'Big Girl' bed.  Her parents have given her strict instructions not to get out of the bed in the morning unless they are by her bedside because there is a steep flight of stairs in the hall just outside of her room.  So she is supposed to call for them when she's ready to get up.  And she does.  Each day she calls, and each day they come.  She calls, they come; she calls, they come; she calls, they come.  This call-and-response routine goes on for two weeks without a hitch.  Until one morning she calls, and they don't come.  They are tired, and Anna has awakened early.  She calls again.  No one comes.  "Momma, Daddy", she cries.  "I want to get up."  No response.  "Daddy, Momma."  Nothing.  Then Anna's parents hear soft footsteps outside of their room, and their daughter's small voice saying, "Here I is!"  Her daddy bounds out of bed.

Anna is ten now.  When I relate this incident to her, she asks in disbelief, "Did I really do that?!"  Life has made her a much more cautious child than her two-year-old self was.  Her mother and father look back with sweet sadness to their daring little daughter.  And they wish now they would hear, "Here I is."

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