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Baby Eggi Designs For A Better World
By Cat Wayland

Baby Eggi

the company and its name, Baby Eggi,  connects cultures and the world.  Baby is the English word for “infant” and Eggi is the Korean word for “baby” or “infant”. Baby Eggi is a hip line of affordable, cool clothes for kids that donates 20% of its profits to Artists for a New South Africa and a US Foundation, Kids Courage.   Within this act of good will and charity, Baby Eggi does more than connect us all – it gives to us all as well.  A company that brands itself upon global giving is a company that gives back the kind of trust and integrity to its customers that most do not offer up.  In a fashion world saturated with iconoclastic imagery and ego, Baby Eggi is a rare shopping trip indeed. 

Hip and Affordable

tattooLet’s be honest, there are just so many products on the shelves these days.  And we consumers, have become savvy critics and buyers.  It is hard to impress us.  Baby Eggi wows the competition.  Why? Because it is a high quality, one-of-a-kind line that every Mom and Dad can afford.  Little hipsters can wear original tattoo prints from famed artist Mark Mahoney of the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, California.  And yes, I ‘ll  say it again, Baby Eggi – it’s AFFORDABLE.  Now, that’s something different.  One-of-a-kind clothes are usually found in expensive boutiques.  Baby Eggi knows this and makes their clothes available online to save costs for you and make the money count for your social conscience rather than your deep pockets!  Write down their website right now.  Yes, I’ll wait, get a pen. Okay, again its Click on and help save the world while your child thinks you are their chic personal shopper!

A Philanthropic Brand

Jennifer Ahn-NewmanJennifer Ahn-Newman, and her sister Julie Ahn-Kim, are the co-founders of Baby Eggi and sisters-extraordinaire.  Last night I spoke to Jennifer Ahn, the pregnant half of Baby Eggi on the phone.  Jennifer Ahn is expecting her second child in the next few months.  Jennifer’s heart and laughter reached across the phone line into my office.  I will admit that I had one of those days that was uninspired.  Like Jennifer, I am a Mom juggling twenty balls all at once and I was flat on the floor with balls bouncing on my head.  But five minutes into our phone interview together, I was re-inspired.  If Jennifer Ahn, five months pregnant chasing her toddler, a full-time job and a philanthropic clothing line could change the world. So could I.  It is no wonder that the heart of sisters Jennifer and Julie lies in the heart of Baby Eggi.  Wonderful, wonderful.

Julie Ahn-KimBaby Eggi has picked two partners for charitable giving with 20% of their profits.  Artists for a New South Africa, , or ANSA, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the African AIDS pandemic and advancing democracy and equality in South Africa.  ANSA also works to further civil rights and safeguard voting rights in the U.S.   I perused the ANSA website and it has wonderful information, resources and educational links to help inform their supporters of the challenges and victories that South Africa faces today.  It is a foundation built on hope and great hard work.  I would be proud to have my money go to this global giving foundation, founded in 1989.

ANSA logoKids Courage Foundation,  Kids Courage Foundation was founded in 2006 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering hope for critically ill children and their families through financial support.  Clicking onto their website, I was touched truly.  I remember a father that was working an ice cream stand at night as a second job to help his child’s cancer treatment while vacationing one summer.  Something about this father working all day and night instead of sitting with his son for comfort, just didn’t seem right.  I think Kids Courage Foundation has recognized the gap between costs and parent’s ability to pay for those costs.  Thanks Kids Courage for filling the gap, and to Baby Eggi for recognizing the profound importance of such giving.

Kids Courage

Baby Eggi is Planet Earth’s hope in action.  Go to and help dream of a better world with Jennifer, Julie, Mark, all their families, and all the children around the globe in need.  Buy some clothes at Baby Eggi and walk around with the legacy of giving TATTOOed on your child’s heart forever. 

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