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"Beautiful Bottom" from the U.S. and Brazil to the World!
By Cat Wayland

Belabumbumifirst wrote about Belabumbum when I was the columnist “Metro Mama” at in summer, 2004.   Back then my story highlighted Belabumbum as a company that makes pregnant women beautiful with their maternity lingerie.  Today as we stop in our World Tour in Latin America - I want to talk about the multi-culturallsm of Belabumbum, which includes swimwear and lingerie and loungewear alongside their maternity lingerie. By the way, Belabumbum means “beautiful bottom” in Portugese...fantastic.

Two college friends from the U.S., Heidi Rauch and Alyssa Weiss founded Belabumbum.  Like many of us, they set out from college to see the world and gain adventures.  Heidi was a dancer who began working for the Organization of American States (the U.N. of Latin America) and Alyssa was an actor who ended up working in the New York City Parks Department.  One friend stateside, the other globetrotting in South America.  They combined the strengths of North American and South American cultures in business and fashion, and Belabumbum was launched.

Multi-cultural Fashion

Belabumbum features cuts and fabrics from Brazil.  Ohh la la!  Fashion has mixed and blended cultures for ages and what sensational results!  Fashion filled with gorgeous color and style.  Imagine yourself on the shores of Ipanema! Or just be gorgeous walking down the aisles of your local grocer in downtown Los Angeles alongside celebrity fans of Belabumbum such as Paris Hilton, Kate Beckinsale and Kate Hudson.  Belabumbum is not just sold in the U.S., it can also be found in boutiques in Europe and Asia, just contact the corporate offices to find out where!

Here is why I like so much that Heidi and Alyssa brought the exotic beauty of Brazill home to us in the United States. I remember vividly (although it has been about 17 years) walking the streets of San Sebastian, Spain shopping the outdoor markets. Upon paying for my avocado, the vendor said, “You are American, yes?” “Yes, but how did you know, is my Spanish that bad?” I answered bewildered. “Oh,” he said gently, “it is not your Spanish, that is very nice.” “But you American women dress like men.”  Yikes! I am proud to be American, but maybe I needed some fashion advice.

I finished my tour of Spain that year noting the fashions of women abroad rather than just gazing at the art collections of the museums.  I brought home a more feminine style of skirts, handbags, shoes and accessories.  I was changed forever and I was never going to return to wearing my man’s shirts to bed.  I brought Spain home with me as Alyssa and Heidi brought home Brazil.  And the world of women, beauty and fashion is better for the globe swapping!

Melt into the Global Cultural Mix

And so, whether it is cooking Welsh stew, driving a German car, buying a computer part from Japan, or wearing Brazilian lingerie from Belabumbum at , we can all barter and exchange one another’s great innovations, goods and services.   Here is to multi-cultural dialogue and shopping!

Belabumbum Press Contact:
Parish Public Relations, Nicola Parish

Belabumbum Corporate Contact:
Fax: 347-402-1146

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