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Tess Almendarez-Lojacono

Tess Almendarez-Lojacono tess and I met as all great stories and storytellers.  We met sharing as strangers and shared with one another, swapped tales so to speak.  As our children played on the beach side by side, we began to tell funny child stories, work stories, and mom stories.  Somewhere I told her I was collecting stories for my magazine, International Family Magazine, and Tess told me she wrote stories.  As we all know, there are no accidents.  I asked Tess to send me a story or two.  International Family Magazine has been rewarded with Tess’ magic ever since.

Tess Almendarez-Lojacono is a writer, business owner and a teacher. Her company, Fine Art Miracles, seeks to accomplish two goals: 1) to bring attention to the underserved through fine art education and 2) to embrace humanity in the elucidation of common experiences and emotions. She has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University.  International Family Magazine is currently publishing stories from her collection called Milagros under the heading of Latin Families.  Her work has appeared in OffCourse, a literary journal and is scheduled for publication in The Cortland Review in August, '08.

Tess has been writing for International Family Magazine for a year now.  We have recently asked her to become our Latin Family Editor and help us to collect more great stories and writers under her supervision.  Thank you Tess, thank you.  We are so grateful for you here at IFmag.

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