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Judy's House


Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

Ah, Life Lessons.  Those experiences that shape our lives, starting from such an early age.   Sometimes, however, the lesson that was intended to be taught unintentionally turns an unconventional corner.   Case in point...

At the impressionable age of five, I talked my mother into buying me a pair of red taffeta petty pants.  I would spend hours admiring them in my dresser drawer, anxiously awaiting the day I would wear them again.  One Sunday, all our relatives were over at our home for a family gathering.   My Aunt Helen saw me and said, "Why Judy, what a lovely dress!"  My mother had sewn a cotton jumper that was lovely (and appropriate ) for a child my age.  I responded with, " think this dress is pretty?  Wait 'til you see my petty pants!"  At that moment, I pulled my dress up over my head to show them off to my aunt.  Aunt Helen gasped.  This got the attention of my mother, who pulled me into a corner.  "Judy, you can't show people your petty pants.  Petty pants are underwear.  You can't run around showing people your underwear!"  I pondered this for a moment.  "Well, if I can't show people my underwear, then why are they so pretty?  My mother, having no good response for this question, just got a bit louder and repeated, "Just DON'T show people your PETTY PANTS!" and walked off.

I wandered about the house moping for awhile, and then I heard my name being called.  "Judy, come to the rec-room!"  I ran in, and the first thing I saw was a blinding white light.   It was the home movie camera.  My mother was standing behind it.  "OK, Judy, now show us your petty pants!" she said smiling.  I was confused.  Was this some kind of a trap?  "But you said NOT to show anyone anymore..."  I argued.  There was a slight pause.  Then my mother replied.  "Judy, show us your petty pants.  In front of the camera, it's OK."

Hmmmnn, I always wondered where I got my exhibitionist tendencies.  Now, after years of therapy, I can trace it back to a pair of red underwear.

All the best to all of you (and may your life's lessons serve you too!)


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