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Check Out Tango Mag

By Wendy Roberts

It really does take two to tango, and sometimes you really need help perfecting the dance along the way. tango magazine certainly provides that. This is an insightful magazine diving into the issue of relationship and love. Finding love, keeping love alive and yes, even saying goodbye to it. Tango can be found in print at the newsstands or live on the world wide web, at

I think this is such an important publication, as I have realized lately just how helpful it is to hear other people's stories about love and relationships that may be similar to my own. It helps heal the feeling of isolation that is sometimes there. Like getting to that sort of feeling that, "hey this is much more normal than I thought." Sometimes it can make all the difference knowing that the way you feel about your relationship is not so abnormal. It can make the problems you are having with your loved one seem fixable and not so strange or wrong.

Whatever stage of relationship or love you are in, Tango is a great source. It does seem to be geared more toward women than men, but they do claim to target "women - and their partners." I however, do not think that it is hands-off to men. At least not to the sensitive and more lucky men (wink, wink) who may want to get something more out of their evenings than just the score of the Knicks game. (oohh la la)

I use to be an avid Cosmo reader but then after getting seriously involved and then married, Cosmo just did not speak to me any longer. I was happy to find a more mature relationship read. Not to "dog" Cosmo, but Tango seems to offer more on a different level. I like that they are not just shoving advice at you that may have been derived in their media room with the objective to sell. It is actual stories of love, and the trials, wonder and mystery that comes with it.

Now, let's tango!

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