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Education Exchange

Education Exchange and “Share Your Soles”

By Catherine Wayland
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Dear IF readers,

We have come to the end of our service commitment at PS.51 with the organization Share Your Soles. The 4 th and 5 th graders have listened with compassion, and worked hard to collect and clean shoes for needy children around the world.

I watched with pride the faces of students that learned something they didn’t know before this service commitment – gratitude. Before we started our shoe drive on the first day of the presentation, there were students that thought they might fit into the “needy” category. Thoughts filled their heads about not having the latest MP3 player or the newly released Michael Jordan sneakers.

But on the day of cleaning and service, the children cleaned and talked, and talked and cleaned their old shoes. The students understood that these shoes that they had discarded might allow a child to go to school for the first time. Or run a race without getting sores on their feet. I watched them puff up like kings and queens with their generosity and stoop with humility and understanding. It was a big day in their lives. A day that will linger.

And now, as P.S. 51’s used shoes make their way around the world, there is a new understanding of giving and getting in the hearts of our children.

Bravo to P.S. 51 to working with us and Share Your Soles. What future world leaders you showed yourselves to be!

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