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Judy's House

Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

I believe it was a well meaning friend that once said to me, "Judy, do you know what your problem is?”  You haven't found that special someone yet.”  So, I searched high (and low) and, at long last, I found him.  What I had yet to learn was that "special someones" come with "special needs". Unfortunately, he was too old to be sent off to one of those "special schools".   So, even though I found my other half , he brought a whole new batch of problems with him.  

After bemoaning my fate to my well-meaning friend (yet again) she responded with, "Judy, do you know what's missing? Children. When you have children, Judy, everything is put in its' proper perspective."

So, I took my friend's advice and had a child.  She was right.  I didn't think about my problems anymore.  Nor was I concerned with my husband
( what husband?) or any of his troubles.  Heck no.  I was waaaaaay too busy dealing with my CHILD'S PROBLEMS.  These included (but were not limited to) nursing, diaper changing, cleaning up after, watching out for unforeseen hazards, and setting up a "day-care-pre-school-private-school-college-fund", etc...which left me little, well, actually NO TIME to shower-sleep-eat-read-exercise, let alone worry about anything else.      

When I still felt overwhelmed and unfulfilled, that same full-of-advice friend chimed in with, "Judy, remember that old saying, If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again ." So I  had ANOTHER CHILD.  Still, I was bewildered.  My husband suggested we work on having A THIRD CHILD.  After I stopped laughing hysterically, we decided it better to go out and get a dog.

Now, two children, one dog, two cats and five goldfish later, I've come to an extraordinary realization.

I stopped calling my well-meaning friend.

Here's to a big (or not-so-big) but  definitely happy family,

All the best to all of you,


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Gail Dennison has performed her one person-show entitled, “That Gail” throughout New York City and as far away as Madrid, Spain. Gail is also a proud member of the all-women comedy group, “The Heartless Floozies.”

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