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Jess Long



By Jess Long

it’s been just over three months since the initial launch of KnowledgeBeat.  As the program develops and builds its foundation, both in Zambia and in the States, the task at hand seems to grow increasingly bigger.  As each hurdle is over come, more unforeseen jobs present themselves.  With this in mind, three of the co-founders of KnowledgeBeat prepare themselves for the great journey they have ahead in their future.  Not just the physical journey to Zambia, as it is days away before the ladies board the plane to Africa, but the mental journey of continued determination, creativity and might. 

Although KnowledgeBeat has already made great progress, logistical matters continue to arise.  In these beginning stages, the help of six more hands working on-site from the ground up will serve to be extremely advantageous.  There will no longer be time zone hindrances or any of the other cross-continent communication difficulties that currently exist between the US team and their Zambian force.  By this time next week, the rest of the KnowledgeBeat team will be immersed in the culture, working side by side with the teachers, parents, children and other members of the Ngoma community, in hopes of accomplishing great things.

Thus far, some of their achievements include two successful California based fundraising events where proceeds benefited KnowledgeBeat, as well as a middle school visit to initiate a pen pal program between students in Nueva, CA and Ngoma, Zambia.  Also, through the help of the Ngoma community and those KnowledgeBeat team members already residing in Zambia, initial dates have been set for the launch of two programmed events to be held this summer.  The first Girls Empowerment Camp, for middle school aged girls to learn about the numerous and varied opportunities available for females post schooling, is scheduled to take off in July.  The Environmental Science Fair is scheduled for August and allows students to showcase their science projects, in which each project is focused on the conservation and sustainability of the Zambian environment.   

As KnowledgeBeat matures, the biggest goal will be to remain focused on the overall mission.  Not just to better the lives of the children of Zambia by providing them with the educational programs and materials that they deserve, but to accomplish this through the help of the local people.  KnowledgeBeat intends to create a sturdy program for the Zambian community, which is not dependent on foreign aid, but rather independent through the various kinds of support that this program can offer. 

Therefore as the KnowledgeBeat team packs up their belongings for their grand trip, they look forward to working closely with the community to connect, educate and disperse knowledge throughout.  As the program establishes its roots, and the co-founders experience the impact of individual relationships and community involvement, I will remain a liaison, to share the personal stories of the lives, both Zambian and American, which are touched by KnowledgeBeat. 

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