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Class Design Project – Ms. Wayland’s ESOL class

I would like to explain this writing assignment. I have presented a couple of student’s class design writings. I wanted them to work on sentence structure. However, I wanted to give them a writing piece that they would enjoy. My students are always asking, “Why do I have to learn this?” “Why am I in this class?” So, for this writing assignment, I asked them to design the class of their dreams. They needed to tell their reader why it was important to life and what it would look like structurally. They came up with some great ideas, of course.

From the Teacher’s Desk of Mrs. Jenna Coffey Tuttle

My goal with all students is to connect with them through content and real life. School provides an environment for a student to not only learn the knowledge required to understand the world but also gives them the social and organizational skills to fit into the world. As a teacher I must provide guidance but slowly release responsibility to the student for them to evolve.

New Writers:

Marco Moreno

Game Manual
The lottery of Mexico


Pick a dealer. The dealer will hold the cards so that no one else can see them, and she or he will draw cards one at a time - 1st from the top of the deck, then the bottom, then the middle -
Always in that order - top, bottom, middle.

With each card the dealer draws, she says the name of the object - then shows the card to everyone - this gives students the incentive to memorize the words and not just go by the pictures - in case of a tie, the person who covers the square first wins!

Play it just like bingo - only there are two wins in a game - the first when someone gets squares all in a row (or on the corners - "esquinas" this version is called; and the inside four squares "cuadros") - the final win in the game is when all of the squares are covered. You have to find your own markers - and typically people use beans, small stones, bottle caps, coins, buttons - anything that seems handy.

*How Many Players Could They Be???*

The number of players that could play in one round are about 10 people.

These are some of the cards that you are supposed to use for the game.

*This are some of thecards names*

1. El gallo (The Rooster) San
2. El diablito (The Little Devil)
3. La dama (The Lady)
4. El catrín (The Gentlemen)
5. El paraguas (The Umbrella)
6. La sirena (The Mermaid)
7. La escalera (The Ladder)
8. La botella (The Bottle)
9. El barril (The Barrel)
10. El árbol (The Tree)

The Jungle Essay

In the jungle there are all types of animals. Some of the animals are very dangerous and scary. Some of them are tiny and not scary at all. In fact, some are very nice and beautiful. Some of them are herbivores and, some are carnivores. Some of the animals that are in the jungle are birds, lions, monkeys, elephants, pandas, snakes and many more. In the jungle there are also trees and very long vines that look like hungry snakes. The vines are very strong and can also hold animals and people. Monkeys swing on the vines.

Course Design

If I could choose one new class it would be a class of robotics because you get to create many fun things. You can build many different things and, it can help you with your strategies. It has math because you get to measure the length of the robot’s body.

The class of robotics will be at least 1 hour and it will start at 9:00 o’clock a.m and it will end at 10:00 o’clock a.m. It will have a computer section to research information about robots. The class will also have metal materials and you would need tool to build the robot.

This is a drawing of a robot!!!

Remer y. Lane IV

Construction Design

M y class is going to be about making your own invention, and testing it to see if it works. We are going to work in groups and sometimes by our self to create it and play with it. I am collecting pieces to build my creation which is a transformer to fight another transformer. This class is important to life because it can help people learn in life to build something. Maybe someone will build something extraordinary like a robot transformer that fights or as ordinary as a house to live in to survive. The class will have pro- constructors in the class to help the student or group. We will also have some computers in the class to build models on the computer because real materials and models are expensive and you need a lot space for that.

What is a jungle?
A jungle is a place where there are vines, and trees. In a jungle there are waterfalls and rivers. People say that the lion is the king of the jungle. Jaguars are famous for the jungle and, there are snakes that can kill you. The jungle can be a very nice place or dangerous.

Sea Turtle News Report

Remer- “Good morning, this is Remer Lane with channel 9 news in Hilton Head. On this morning’s news, we have a special report on Loggerhead Sea Turtles. We also have an interview with a beach volleyball player and of course our top story on tropical storm Alberto. Now to Remer Lane on the Port Royal beach with that report on turtle nesting. ”

Remer- “This is Remer Lane reporting live at Port Royal beach. I am here reporting on sea turtles that normally lay their eggs at night. They normally lay their eggs at high tide so other animals don’t eat or demolish their eggs. This process is unbelievable. When sea turtles are ready to lay their eggs, they exit the water and head toward the soft sand. After they lay their eggs, they return to the water; and after the eggs hatch, they crawl to the water and survive on their own. The baby turtles and the grown up turtles have to swim non-stop or they will sink. What is extraordinary about these baby turtles is that they must survive completely on their own immediately after birth.”

Remer- “Loggerhead turtles are protected by the beach patrol and now back to Remer where he is interviewing one of the people who protect the eggs.”

Remer- “Hello I am now going to interview one of the beach patrolmen as you can see here. So can you tell us about how these turtles lay there eggs here?”

Patrolman- “Sure can, my name is Chris Fisher, I am a Marine biologist for a non-profit working on the sea turtles, and logger head turtles, and what we have here is a, we supervise the turtles as they come ashore and we make sure these nests have these markings around them so that predators and people, dogs don’t go near them and destroy them. We have to conduct very very stiff research in this area even to the point of taking microscopic samples of the eggs in order to make sure they’re safe and secure.”

Remer- “Ok thank you. Now what happens to these turtles after they hatch?”

Patrolman- “Well, let me talk to you about the semi-aquatic species. Turtles after they hatch they must find the water so it’s very important that these houses you see behind us they don’t have any lights on because the turtles will crawl to the light and it is very important the turtles that when they hatch they head back out to sea. We at the aquarium we really work hard to make sure that these turtles survive. Because we want to see these species flourish and prosper and it’s like a symphony out here in the ocean. You can hear the wind today, and turtles, and the birds, and every thing, and it is just fantastic as a marine biologist to experience how all this comes together.”

Remer- “Ok thank now back to Remer.”

Remer- “Now for the next part of our news broadcast we will be talking about some of the international sports that go on at the beach. Remer will be interviewing a professional volleyball player. “

Remer- “And here, a beach volleyball player will tell us about some of the sports that go on around here at the beach. So what are the sports that you play here and tell us something about them?”

Volleyball player- “Well I usually play volleyball that’s my main focus but there is also swimming, wind surfing, kite surfing, and so on.”

Remer- “Ok tell us something about your volleyball?”

Volleyball player- “Well we are a very omnipotent team and we certainly have potential to win championships. Our corporate sponsors are constantly sending photographers down to the beach so that we can be advertised in the island packet or the Bluffton gazette and so on.”

Remer- “So what do you want to do after you finish volleyball.”

Volleyball player- “Well after volleyball I intend on becoming a neurosurgeon and that’s my life long dream. ”

Remer- “Ok, thank you.”

Remer- “Now to the weather.”

Remer- “This is Remer lane reporting on weather I am reporting on tropical storm named Alberto it’s 100 miles off shore in the gulf stream. The storm is expected to turn north and head toward North Carolina on Monday. Until then we will expect to have high wind, high surf, and wind over 25 mph and temperature over 80 degrees F.”



My Adventure in Space
By Jose Arrieta, Grade 6

In the year 2040, I went to the Cosmic Hotel. It is located on the Moon. First, I had to check in so I could get the Adventure Suite. Then I went to Alien Land. In Alien Land you can get on the universe’s best roller coasters and eat the best snacks. After that, I went back to my suite and got a surprise. The surprise was that I got another night at the Cosmic Hotel. I felt so happy that I could stay another night. I will always remember the day I went to the Cosmic Hotel. Another thing I will always remember is the gravity chamber! I also got to see a black hole!

By: Joshua Simmons
Life is like a merry go round
It spins by you so fast
All you see is a reflection

Why can’t I get off that
Merry go round and see
How things really are

Maybe I like it that way (not seeing)
A reflection, that’s all people really are
Stare back maybe you will see people as they are
See, you’re just a reflection.

Class Design
By: Daniela Alvarez

I think it would be great for students to have a free art class. Right now we have an art class of doing assignments. But, we should do our own art. Why? I think art is about your own thoughts and making them come true to life. This type of self-expression is important for so many reasons. Free art class could make you into a great artist. But it could also help you with your emotions. Teenagers are in a time of their life when they have so many emotions, free art would be like great therapy.

What would this class look like? It would meet in first block, early morning. That way, on mornings when there is good light, the class could take walks to join one another for nature material walks, video capture, etc. There would be studio time as well inside the classroom. The classroom would be supplied with art materials for free form use.

Class Design
By Sheyla Velasquez

What I’ll choose for a class will be robotics. You can make millions of them but it takes a lot of time. You can learn about other things like technology, it’s like a puzzle that you have to solve. It can help a lot of people, they even get rich.

What you will need for robotics will be while the teacher gets ready for class everybody can talk for 5 minutes.

then we will talk about what we are going to do. the class will last for 50 minutes and we won’t have any homework.

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