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Judy's House


Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House,

Did you play "Hide and go Seek" with your brother or sister, but they never went to find you?  When the neighborhood kids came over for an "impromptu" party, were you the designated "look-out" (warning others of your parents' return) so that you missed all the fun?   When pretending to be "The Beatles" (using badminton racquets as guitars) did your brothers and sisters have dibs on "Paul" and "John", while you always ended up being "Ringo"?

I always thought my sister and brother were especially cruel to me, until I took "Sociology 101" in college.  The lights went on in my head when I came across the term SIBLING RIVALRY.  Alas, I was not alone!  Yes, most families deal with this issue throughout childhood and adolescence, and sometimes well into adulthood.  But how was I to know that when I was an impressionable 7 year old?  You didn't discuss your "family issues" with the neighbors.  Instead, you compared your household to the only thing you could...FAMILY SHOWS ON TELEVISION!

My favorite TV show at that time was "The Patty Duke Show".  What a fascinating plot!   You see, Patty and Cathy Lane are identical cousins.  Cathy moves in with Patty's family the very first episode.  They are in the same class and go to the same High School.  Patty is the "cool, popular one", while Cathy is more shy and reserved (and has a very strange quasi-English accent).  The only real physical difference between them is how they wear their hair.  Patty has a sassy flip (with bangs), whereas Cathy's hairdo is conservatively curled under and off-the-forehead with a sensible hair band.  Patty's parents (often referred to by Patty as "Momo' and "Popo") welcome Cathy into their household with open arms, and the hilarity ensues.

Try to explain this plot-line to inquisitive children today.  As many questions arise as there are TV channels you now have to choose from.  "How can anyone have an identical cousin?"  "Where does "Popo" really go on those out-of-town trips?"  "Does "Momo" really treat Cathy the same as Patty, and, if so, why?"  "Exactly what do they mean when they say that a hot dog makes Patty lose control?"  And, finally, "Who is Cathy Lane's REAL "Momo" and "Popo?"

So, you see, every family has it's issues.  SIBLING RIVALRY is just a drop in the dysfunctional bucket.

Wishing all of you Happy Days (but that's another sit-com),


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