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Multi-cultural Mothering

"Call me Okaasan"

by Suzanne Kamata
A book review by Cat Wayland

"Call Me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering" by Suzanne Kamata is an enlightening and necessary read in today’s family globalization. Kamata outlines in her original introduction that the forces of immigration, adoption and blended cultural families are hard at work in the 21st century. Kamata gathers together the voices of 20 women.

International Family Magazine was created in response to these global conditions of family life and Kamata’s book fills a great need. A GREAT NEED.  With each new chapter of humanity and family life, we need the pioneers to go out in front and travel unknown lands, draw us maps and help us to find treasures of our own. But I will let the beautiful words from this collective speak for themselves,

Susannah Elisabeth Pabot,

Please don’t worry for this girl.  She will fly to another country, where she can speak only English, her mother tongue.  She will create a home for herself, in a city of foreigners.  There, you will meet her. She will hold you.  “Eleven Snapshots for Your Baby Book, Reconstructed in Blues”

Devorah Lifshutz

Its Friday night again and this time it’s my husband who is ladling out the chicken soup.  Once again, I’m surrounded by people speaking in a foreign language, a language that is not mine.  But then I do a double take.  Hebrew is not Hungarian.  Hebrew is my language, the language of my people, my prayers, the language of my soul.
“Promises to Myself”

Corey Heller

When I look back at who I was before I boarded that plane for Ireland, I ask myself whether it was all worth it.  Was this thing called “international marriage” worth the emotional turmoil? Was it worth breaking with tradition and severing emotional ties with house and home?  Somedays I wonder what it would have been like to stay in my small town in California, to have married another American and to have raised monolingual children.
“I am Mutti”

Buy Multicultural Mothering TODAY! You will feel so much less lonely.

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Nancy Cleary
ISBN: 978-1-932279-33-7
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