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Sustaining Joy

i don’t think of my life that way, in compartments of emotion.  Life is all feelings all the time, mixed up like a cocktail and when it’s shaken and poured out, they blend to make a flavor.  Some of the best lessons I’ve learned have come out of pain and sorrow.   Deep disappointment, the broken heart, a missed opportunity, all these uncover truths, strengths lying dormant within.  Sometimes it takes a catastrophe to make us into heroes.

In the movie “Starman”, when asked what he’s learned about humans, alien Jeff Bridges says, “When things are at their worst, humans are at their best.”

But in a small way, we can promote happiness by passing joy to others.  When we expose the common experiences and emotions of all humans, when we offer an ‘aha’ moment to readers of IF Magazine, we help to sustain the joy of the world and this must be our intent. 

Please keep in mind that the Latin Families column for which I am honored to be Editor is seeking Latin and Hispanic writers to submit work for publication.  Please send your short stories (1500 words or less) to me at

Let’s help sustain the joy!

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