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Kidz Corner

The Kidz Corner for International Family launches in this special May issue on the “aha” moments of family. The finding of magic, in a moment, in a look, in a finding of self, magic, magic, magic! To help us launch our special section on children is our good friend, Elysia, who is 2.
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In Elysia’s Own Words

By Catherine Wayland

Elysia: I take ballet
Catherine: Really, do you like to dance?
Elysia: Oh yes, I take ballet. We gallop.
Catherine: Can you show me?

Elysia is off galloping around the playground.

Catherine: Do you wear a special outfit?
Elysia: The top is pink and the pants are pink. I take ballet.
Catherine: You sound so happy every time you say that.
Elysia: Leila is my friend in ballet.
Catherine: It must be fun to have a friend to
dance with.
Elysia: We sing songs.
Catherine: Can you sing me one of the songs?

Elysia: Gong Gong went the frog.

There are wonderful movements that go with
this song. I wish I could show you.

Elysia: Gong Gong went the little green frog.
Gong Gong went the frog and hop, hop, hop

Elysia has hopped away with such a big smile
on her face.

Hop, Hop dear readers. Hop, Hop – and welcome to our Kidz Corner!



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