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EpalsOver the past decade, ePALS, Inc. has created and delivered their services to schools, teachers, students and families. ePALS has been the recognized leader and trusted provider of K-12 school-safe and protected email, blogs and eMentoring tools to school districts and classrooms. ePALS is also the first global K-12 collaborative learning and literacy community, focused specifically on fostering reading, writing and critical thinking skills across the curriculum. At ePALS our mission is to support lifelong learning through resource-rich, collaborative experiences about subjects that empower and inspire.

Dear IF readers,

Now that we are accepted in our profile with ePals ( we are writing to students abroad to become our pen pals. This is an exciting time. It is like going to a party and making new friends. We will get on our email and write to teachers and homeschooling parents that have similar ages and size of group as my son and his Spanish Club group, “Los Amigos”.

I believe this part of the process is teaching Jax some very important things. We are “selling” ourselves as individuals and as a group. On the playground, Jax does that in his own way, he might go up to another child and say, “Do you want to play with me?” or show the child a toy he would like to share. When Jax and I get on the ePALs email, we talk about the location of the classrooms and look for them on the map and then we write an interesting letter about that location and ourselves. We write about our interest in the group of students and country and city they are living in, and then we write the same about ourselves.

Jax is thinking a lot about meeting people from far away. He is showing his 3 year old brother the locations on the map above his bed and lecturing Brody on the country and city’s attributes. I overhear them talking as I am folding sheets in the linen closet nearby, “Brody, this city is where they have tigers!” “Wow”, Brody replies, “Do you think you will get to play with their tiger?” To which Jax confidently replies, “Oh I am sure if I bring them my Pokemon cards, they will trade their tiger with me!”

I watch this international friendship-making process with great joy in my heart.

Stay tuned……Cat Wayland, IF Editor

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