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This article first appeared in our May 2008 issue.

May 2008 issue

Jim Zuckerman's Africa

Dear IF readers,

When we decided to do a second month on Africa there was so many things we could have covered. The exploding literature in Africa right now, the crisis in Darfur, the growth of Rwanda, Sir Ellen John Sirleaf's Africa and on and on. But for me as an editor, it has always been the images of Africa that stay with me and color my dreams at night. I have never been to this country in person, but I go there so much in my mind's eye. Jim Zuckerman is a one-of-a-kind photographer whose lens has such poetry, narrative and music. He was the obvious choice to celebrate Africa with us here at International Family Magazine in a photographic story. Please read more about Jim Zuckerman on World of Talent and visit his site at

Here's to seeing Africa with you,
Cat Wayland

Click a photo to view larger image.

                    Maasai tribesmanMountains    bird landing
             closeup       3 men       African group    Elephants
                cat in tree    Hippos    Giraffes in room    African man
                Tiger at night   running leopard    tigers on jeep    lion roaring

All photos are protected under international copyright law and may not be duplicated, copied or reproduced in any way without the expressed and written permission of Jim Zuckerman. © 2008. All rights reserved worldwide.

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