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Jess Long



By Jess Long

Series: Jess Long, one of our talented contributors will bring the progress of KnowledgeBeat, developinging education in Zambia to our readers in our Education Exchange as a series.

Each one of us has done it at least once. We envision something amazing; something that will make a difference in the world and enrich the lives of others. However it is a slim few who carry out that vision to create a reality. While many of us continue to put this conceptual wonder aside until it becomes an idea we once had, amazingly, some passionate individuals make time and dedicate their efforts, despite the already consuming tasks in their lives, and follow it through to the end.

Several months ago, I was approached by a friend who is in the lengthy process of pursuing her vision. What was once a lingering idea has recently become an established reality. Touched by an eye opening summer spent in Ngoma, Zambia this remarkable individual, a friend who I feel fortunate to have as an inspiration, formulated the concept of KnowledgeBeat.

The idea for KnowledgeBeat arrived after she spent several months in Zambia involved in an environmental conservation program. The unplanned time abroad proved to be more powerful than she could have ever conceived. “Watching children go to school every day and sit in empty classrooms listening to teachers speak from memory alone, opened my eyes to a reality far removed from the one I had grown up knowing. The absence of resources was heartbreaking but the spirit of the children, the teachers and the community was inspiring.” (Annie Hazelhurst, KnowledgeBeat)

With a mission to deploy a standard education program in rural schools in Zambia, KnowledgeBeat is working to develop a successful collaboration with the Zambian Ministry of Education, to cultivate a model education system that can easily and effectively be dispersed throughout Zambia.

In less than two months, three of the four talented co-founders of KnowledgeBeat will dedicate the summer months to solidifying the initial aspects of this program. These three exceptional ladies from California will embark to Zambia in hopes of accomplishing a mission, to beat the odds in this whirlwind of life and achieve their goal; the goal to empower the lives of the current and future youth of Zambia. My small part in this grand developmental process will involve following their progress, admiring their strength and sharing their story with those who are willing to listen. To find out more about KnowledgeBeat, visit

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