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Judy's House



by Judy

1) SCREAM AT YOUR CHILDREN when they are not around. A good time for this is when they're at school and you're doing things around the house. By the time they return home you're all screamed out and can have a civil conversation about any issues that you might need to address.

2) CHEAT ON YOUR HUSBAND at the grocery store. Buy all the heart healthy alternatives to his favorite high-fat foods, and prepare low-fat, low-calorie meals for him and your family. But, shhhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell them. It'll be your little secret!

3) BEAT UP VARIOUS ANNOYING FAMILY MEMBERS ON A DAILY BASIS when you exercise. I have a punching bag set up in the garage that I call by various names, depending on who I'm mad at on that particular day. OK, I've had to replace it a few times, but I feel the harder you hit, the better. A small price to pay, considering the alternative!

4) THROW EVERYONE OUT OF THE HOUSE and camp out for a night in the backyard. With no TV, cell phones or Internet to distract your family, they just might be forced to interact with each other, and they may even enjoy it!

Here's to one big healthy, happy family!

All the best to all of you,



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