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eBay Your Way

By Wendy Roberts

It was late one night, a couple of weeks before Christmas and I was hunched over my computer, in a bidding war for a toy character that my 3 year old wanted from Santa Clause. (he had been very good that year). Yes, you guessed it, I was “ebaying” my way to the bottom of my holiday shopping list.

When I first heard of ebay, I thought “hmmm, online tag sale, neat, but who needs other peoples junk?” ahhhh…..but one person’s junk is another person’s happy 3 year old. My son was elated that Santa brought him his gift. Since then I find myself looking on eBay for many items that are hard to find.

Some of the items are new and some are used. Most of them have photographs of the items as well as very detailed descriptions. There is also an area that has reviews of the seller from other customers that have made purchases from them in the past.

ebay really defines ecommerce. From the smallest set of salt and pepper shakers selling for five dollars, to a 7.6 Karat diamond ring selling for eighty six thousand dollars - you can find it all on one site. ebay has a live auction house and they have items that allow you to buy and sell with part of the proceeds going to charities. They even have a “marketplace watch” that allows buyers and sellers to view the most searched and purchased items and what they were selling for within the ebay market.

ebay was the pioneer and continues to be the trendsetter and the e-template for other businesses online. Who knows, maybe you could sell your old pair of “80’s leg warmers” to a “fashionista” in Paris or buy your next handbag from a woman in Australia. Check out the world’s shopping plaza at, if you haven’t already!

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