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By B.W. Hoffman

In the last calendar year, I walked out of the movie, “Hotel Rwanda”, with such deep sadness and regret. How had my life gone on so normally when all of this bloodshed was occurring? I thought in the immaturity of my youth, that it had nothing to do with my life, and that I was helpless to do anything. I know now that silence is equally culpable.

Since 2003, there has been much bloodshed of innocents in Darfur. In a conflict between the Sudanese-backed “Janjaweed”, and the two rebel groups of SLA/SLM and JEM, civilians are being targeted. The death toll is in the hundreds of thousands. Having fled their homes in order to escape death and brutality, millions of people from Darfur need shelter, food and aid.

Please check out and These two sites are active in sending letters to President Bush and Kofi Annan to admit U.N peacekeepers to help the civilians of Darfur.

Fill in the postcards online and join the voices to stop the rape, mutilation, and murder of men, women and children in Darfur. You can donate money online, or send monies directly to the “Save Darfur Coalition” at P.O. Box 18176, Washington, D.C. 20036.

Buy a hat, wear a bracelet, join a local group in your area and donate some of your dollars. Darfur needs our voices and our help now!

Save Darfur,

B.W. Hoffman

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