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Dear IF readers,

Last month I put out a commitment to work harder here at Education Exchange for my readers. I got plenty of response to that proposal. You, our reader’s feel that one of the more interesting discussions that we have tossed out has been around the issues of higher education as were discussed in the November/December 2006 issues.

The cost of colleges has soared to heights in which families make it part of their financial planning at the time of each child’s birth. College Funds in the U.S. have become popular pre-tax vehicles that begin at a child’s birth and carry on for eighteen years and are sheltered from taxes if withdrawn and used solely for educational purposes. I would like to survey other countries on this financial planning around colleges for their children.

The costs being astronomical beg some questions. Here is a couple:

What is the return on such an investment?

Are college student’s lives ready and vocationally directed?

Two projects have been launched here at International Family Magazine this month of October 2007. One is a series of journal entries from a post-grad student from a top university here in the U.S. She is currently disillusioned and unemployed. In her journal entry I in the “Post Grad” series, she shares with our readers her searching. Pleaseclick the following link to read it - PostGrad/oct07.htm

The other project that we will launch directly from Education Exchange is a “College Bound” Project. We have recruited a teenager in her senior year of high school to help us collect anecdotal information about her peer’s expectations of the college process.

As the\ high school students ask their questions, and get ready for college, how prepared are they to ask the right questions. I went to the bookstore and purchased “What Color is Your Parachute?” This is a brilliant career guidebook. I wonder how many high school advisors are using it to direct their students in the college process?

What Color is Your Parachute

If not “What Color is Your Parachute?” are Briggs-Meyers tests being applied? If not either of these, what methods are employed to help guide our children into the process so they come out life ready and vocationally directed? Certainly Jessica Long in her first Posts Grad journal entry entitled “Too Proud to Serve Coffee, Too Passionate to Settle, and Unemployed?” might have wanted those books earlier and implemented by her well paid college advisors.

I look forward to this engaging series of discussions with you our readers. I will work hard to bring this discussion to parents and educators around the world.

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