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Claire Hall

New Writer

Claire Hall

Claire Hall comes to International Family Magazine by an introduction by Kent Converse. They are traveling spirits that found a kinship in one another, they are searchers.

And International Family magazine receives the gifts from both of these exquisite explorers of humanity. Claire brings us for October a witness story-telling of the cremation of a 12-year old boy. The detail which she shares all the colorful imagery, the cultural meaning, the photography and emotions. Claire is a window for us to look through and see the world sitting comfy on our couches with our legs curled.

About Claire:

Claire Hall grew up in state care in the north of England. She spent her former years as a fashion stylist working for TV, magazines and various music artists. She took time out and traveled throughout India and Nepal which radically changed her perceptions on life. She then became an Emergency Medical Technician for London Ambulance Service. Since 2007 she has been traveling the world asking awkward questions and finding many unusual answers.

Claire Blogs her wanderings, enjoy:

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