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Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

Wow. The summer sure has gone by fast, hasn't it? It seems that only yesterday it had just started to warm up, and now I can't wait for it to cool the heck down! Truthfully, it isn't just the summer that has flown by. So has my life. Wasn't it only yesterday that I was packing up my VW Bug and driving off to college? Now, I realize that the day will come when my children will also go off to an institution of higher learning. How high up the educational ladder will that school be? That depends on my children's grades and test scores. It also depends on the depth of mommy and daddy's pockets.

I must share a secret with you, dear readers. I have neglected to plan ahead for my children's educational future. I'm ashamed to admit that I have been way too involved in their daily needs of food, clothing, and shelter. (Not to mention buying every single one of those school supplies on that 5 page "back-to-school" check list.)

When I mentioned this to other parents, I was even more shocked to discover that other moms and dads not only researched every possible desirable school for their child, but they had already applied to and received early acceptance letters to more than half of them! That evening, most families were meeting with their accountant to discuss the "financials".

I vow that I will economize way more than I have in the past. When my child asks me for a second helping of macaroni, I will reply, "Do you want more macaroni or to go to Harvard some day?" When my children grow out of their shoes, I will saw off the toes of the too-small pair and tell them it's the latest trend. Instead of planning a family vacation, I will send each child off (with a disposable camera) on a family trip with one of their friends. Oh, the money I will save for their college fund!

Should it matter that my kids (and theirs) have not yet graduated from Elementary School?

Here's to "Educational Economizing", and a happy new school year to all!


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Gail Dennison has performed her one person-show entitled, “That Gail” throughout New York City and as far away as Madrid, Spain. Gail is also a proud member of the all-women comedy group, “The Heartless Floozies.”

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