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Sweden and Denmark with Jo Ann Tomaselli

Dear IF readers,
I cannot tell you the gem we found in Jo Ann Tomaselli, our newest photographer talent. As usual we went looking for a photographer that captured the essence of our issue for “Education”. We found the exquisite photo of the “School Boys” by Jo Ann. And as usual, we went through her gallery and website looking at her as a total artist photographer to understand her “eye”. And we found so many layers and textures to this photographer’s view of the world. Jo Ann is an inquisitive photographer, a searcher if you will. And when she travels, she takes pictures and writes notes that become stories for everyone to enjoy. Jo Ann spends part of her year in Sweden and she takes her audience with her every step of the way.

Here is a treat from her travel stories on Sweden:

"The most wonderful aspect of a summer day in the North of Sweden is the amount of daylight available to those of us who go to bed late and wake in the preternatural hours of the morning. My usual rising time of 4:30 AM is, at times, so filled with sunlight, I don sunglasses while sipping my morning coffee. Today is no exception and I watch the sun play across the sea I contemplate a 10 day road trip due to commence as soon as the coffee kicks in. From Hudiksval in the east, it is an 8 hour drive to Goteborg on the West coast and our gateway to Denmark. As we begin to drive, the sun departs and is replaced by sky filled rain clouds that drop their contents the entire day and, harbor a prediction of the weather to come.."

Jo Ann Tomaselli

What a beautiful wordsmith Jo Ann is as well as a visual creative! In the below photos, Jo Ann takes us on a journey through Sweden and Denmark. Please go to her website and click “travel stories” to listen to the words that accompany her photos of this part of the world. She lends her viewers not just a picture, but a story. And her stories are captivating!

Click on a photo to view larger version.

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