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Judy's House


Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House,

for me, at this time of year, the two most dreaded words in the English language are "School Supplies".  Homemakers cascade into various and sundry stores with "Back to School" banners emblazoned on their doors in the hopes of finding everything they need at ONE LOCATION!

(Let's pause here as we regain composure after laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of that last sentence).

Me, I was doin' just dandy and had practically everything my kids needed, when I realized I was missing one important thing...the HELLO KITTY lunchbox.   My daughter brown-bagged it last year due to my inability to acquire it, and, gosh darn it; I couldn't allow that to happen again!

I canvassed my city, my county and found myself HELLO KITTY-less, weeping and exhausted outside of the last store I could think of that would carry such a valuable item.  "Hey Lady, why so blue?"  I looked up and saw a man in a trench coat and fedora (odd for August, I thought) looking down at me.  I told him of my predicament.  A slow smile crept across his face.  "It's your lucky day!" he said.  "I got one a' those in my car.  Follow me."

I had no choice but to obey. 

Sure enough, in the store's parking lot, he popped the trunk and there it was in all its glory.  It existed.  It really did.  And my daughter was going to start a new school year proudly possessing it!

Yes, I admit it cost me a bit more (about five times the price) of what I would normally pay, but what care I?  I raced home and proudly displayed the lunchbox on the kitchen table.  The screen door opened.  My daughter entered.  She saw it and exclaimed, "HELLO KITTY?  Oh, mom, that is so last year," and scampered off.

I am the only housewife in the neighborhood with a HELLO KITTY handbag.

All the best (and a happy new school year) to all of you,


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