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Judy's House


Hello Everybody, and Welcome to Judy's House.

every September it's the same thing.  We pack up the kids (and the three bean casserole) and get in the car.  We pick up Grandma on the other side of town.  We make sure "everyone goes before we go"  and get on the road. 

Fifteen minutes into the trip (and a half hour before we hit the first rest stop) both kids have to go to the bathroom. NOW. We risk getting a speeding ticket to get the kids some relief.  Then, back on the road.  Twenty minutes of playing "Eye Spy" later, the kids start slapping each other in the backseat.  Grandma just so happens to be sitting between them.  They refuse to stop.  My husband refuses to pull over.  I throw my sneaker at them.  It hits Grandma smack in the forehead.  She says she thinks she's got a concussion.  I ask if she can "wait to pass out" until we get to her sister's house.

Two hours later we arrive at my Aunt's house.  Her grand kids are running and playing in the front yard.  They surround our car with squirt guns and "double-dare us" to get out.  My kids climb out the windows and try to wrestle the water guns away from their second cousins.  My husband rolls up the window to protect the leather interior.  The window catches my son's foot before he makes it out of the car. He's dangling upside down and being squirted with water simultaneously.  Grandma threatens to call the authorities.  I threaten to leave them all at my Aunt's house and go to a movie.

Welcome to our  "Extended Family Picnic".  "Hyper-Extended" is more like it.

All the best to all of you (and I hope you have fun with your family too!)


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